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by Sourabh

Lachit Borphukan Essay: In the beginning, Bir A great general who fought against the Mughals was Lachit Barphukan. In 1622, he was born in a place called Pragjyotishpur.

He had a very successful military career, and the great Mughals are said to have been driven out of Assam by him. In 1671, the battle of Saraighat made him more well-known.

At that time, Ahom King Pratab Singha gave Lachit Baphukan the job of being the leader of the Ahom army.
Lachit’s patriotism and love for his country were shown at the Battle of Saraighat (Ahom Kingdom). He even killed his own uncle to keep his land safe. During the preparations for the battle, he asked his uncle to oversee the building of an earthen wall as a defense.

Lachit Borphukan Essay

When Lachit went to check on the work site, he found that nothing had moved forward. That night, the barrier was finished, but the rest of the fortification is still not done.

When asked why, the uncle said he was tired from working, which made Lachit very angry because he hadn’t done his job. Lachit cut his uncle’s head off with a sword and told him, “Dexot koi Mumai Dangor Nohoi” (My uncle is not more precious than my own country).

The day before the battle, he blocked the road with a large wall of sand and dirt. This was done so that the Mughals would have to march through the waterways of the river Brahmaputra.

Because they were good at fighting at sea, and because mud and mudslides made it hard for the Mughals to get around, the Ahoms had an advantage. The climate was more like what the Ahom soldiers were used to. The Mughals lost a lot of men because they used guerrilla warfare so much. Thieves affairs was what Ram Singh called these operations.

At a crucial point in the battle, the doctors told Lachit not to go out on the battlefield. He was very sick at the time. As the Mughal army moved forward and Lachit’s health got worse, the Ahom army’s morale also went down. In the end, Lachit realized that protecting his people was more important than his health.

The next day, at the last battle. He was getting some rest as he lay on the bed. Some soldiers said they lost faith in Lachit when they saw how sick he was.

His goal was to keep the soldiers’ love of what they did alive. The Mughal emperor Aurangageb could not take over Assam because of his fight for patriotism in the 1-/’h cents war. When he told his people to put his bed on the boat that was taking them to the battle field.

Because of his poor health, he died soon after the battle was over. Senapati Lachit Borphukan of Assam Swargadeo Udayaditya Singha was praised by his leader at the top.

In 1672, he built the Lachit Maidam at Hoolungapara, 16 km from Jorhat, so that Lachit Borphukan could be buried there. Every year, the people of Assam celebrate Lachit Devas to remember how brave Lachit Barphukan was and how the Ahom army won at Saraighat on November 24.

In the face of opposition from the powerful Manghal army, Lachit’s patriotism, bravery, duty, and determination shone in the hills of Assam. Lachit was also able to get his country and people’s freedom back and keep it.

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