Kyroptera syandana: Everything you want to know

by Narendra

The syandana is a piece of cosmetic clothing that can be worn on the back of the Warframe. They have the physics of cloth, which causes them to sway in response to the movement of the Warframe.

Some of the Warframe-exclusive cosmetics, such as Mortos and Valkyr’s Bonds, are now considered to be auxiliary cosmetics, whereas in the past they were considered to be Syandanas.

This means that they can be equipped alongside a Syandana at the same time. Every Warframe has access to each and every Syandana and can use them. Within the Appearance Tab, there is a section labeled “Syandanas” that allows you to change the color of your Syandanas independently of the colors of your Warframe. At the moment, the only way to acquire a Prime Syandana is by purchasing one of a number of different Prime Access packs.

How Do I Equip The Kyroptera Syandana?

Go to:


Have you also purchased the Kyroptera Syandana skin, which was included in the bundle with the other skins? In that event, you may require the Kyroptera Syandana as a prerequisite in order to use it.

How to download Kyroptera syandana

Visit in order to download the SteelSeries GG client and claim your Kyroptera Syandana. Then, within the client, navigate to the Giveaways section to obtain your Warframe code between the dates of July 4 and July 17. Accessible on all operating systems and in all regions. One per individual account.

Check out this page to learn more about Steelseries GG, and make sure to tune in to TennoCon 2022 on July 16 to participate in more giveaways and receive in-game gear!

Where can I get Syandana for free?

Simply navigate to the Account settings within the game. To add an email address, navigate to Options > Account (the new tab on the far right), and then click the Add Email button.

You should look for a confirmation link from Warframe in the email you last checked.

After confirming your email address, the Synkra Syandana will be waiting for you in your inventory the next time you log in to the game!

How do I get prime Syandana?

You will need to link your Warframe and Amazon accounts in addition to being a member of Prime Gaming in order to be eligible to claim your Avia Prime Syandana on a personal computer, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch. On the Prime Gaming page, if you are not already a member, you can sign up for a free trial of the service. Tenno, make sure your scanners are tuned in and that you keep your eyes open.