Kyle Kuzma Puffer Jacket, Price, Brand and More

by Anchal Thakur

Kyle Kuzma Puffer Jacket: Kyle Kuzma is never afraid to wear clothes that stand out. In the past few years, the Wizards forward has become known for wearing some of the craziest clothes you’re likely to see.

Kuz likes to show off his stuff when he gets to games. Kyle showed up to the most recent game between Washington and the Nets wearing the mother of all oversized puffers.

Kyle Kuzma Puffer Jacket, Price, Brand

Kyle Kuzma wore a puffer jacket to the Brooklyn Nets game on Saturday that you have to see to believe.

Dark cargo pants and a puffer jacket that covered almost all of his face made up his all-black outfit:

Many people thought it was a fashion statement, but it might have been both stylish and useful. The weekend in New York was cool, to say the least. According to, it was 24 degrees, but it felt more like 15.

Fans seemed to have different opinions about whether or not Kuzma’s drip was good. Many of the replies were memes that compared the Wizards man to the Michelin Man and other bloated characters.

Kyle Kuzma Puffer Jacket, Price, Brand

Kyle Kuzma’s puffer jacket, which is too big for him, is by Rick Owens. In fact, he got all of his clothes from Rick. American fashion designer Rick Owens makes expensive clothes and sneakers.

He is very well-liked by athletes and sportspeople, and it looks like Kuz is one of them.

One source says that Kuzma’s Rick Owens puffer jacket costs a cool $2518, but it can be found in some stores for $3935. It is called the Rick Owens Black Knot Down Jacket by its real name.

The big built-in scarf goes all the way down the back, giving the coat wings that look like puffers.

Kyle Kuzma Puffer Jacket on Social Media Trend

A while ago, Kuz broke the internet when he showed up to a game in a huge pink Raf Simons sweater. Late in 2021, Kyle wore it to the Capital One Arena, and the outfit was memed right away.

In the comments of an Instagram post of Kuzma wearing the sweater, many NBA stars, including LeBron James, made fun of him. The Wizards announced earlier this year that they would be giving away Kuzma bobbleheads with the big pink sweater: