Kinley Hubbard Missing : Latest Update 

by Ekta

Kinley Hubbard Missing : Imagine waking up one day, and someone you care about is simply gone. That’s what happened to Kinley Hubbard, a 12-year-old girl from Solon, Ohio.

As of the latest information available, Kinley has not been found, and her family and community are deeply concerned. Let’s dive into the details surrounding her disappearance and the efforts to bring her home safely.

Kinley Hubbard Missing Update 

The morning of September 4, 2023, began like any other day for Kinley Hubbard. She left her home in Solon, Ohio, with a purpose – she boarded an RTA (Regional Transit Authority) bus at 6 a.m.

Everything seemed routine until she was later dropped off at the Stokes/Windermere station in East Cleveland around 8:38 a.m. Little did anyone know that this would be the start of a worrisome journey.

After Kinley’s disappearance, a frantic search ensued. Authorities, including the Missing Person’s Unit from the Southeast Area Law Enforcement Task Force (SEALE), joined forces to locate the missing girl. Their mission is clear: to bring Kinley Hubbard home safely.

Kinley Hubbard Community in Distress

The disappearance of a child is a distressing event for any community. In Solon, Ohio, the concern for Kinley Hubbard’s well-being has brought neighbors, friends, and strangers together. The collective hope is to see her reunited with her family, safe and sound.

In times like these, every piece of information matters. If you have any details, no matter how small they may seem, about Kinley Hubbard’s whereabouts, authorities urge you to come forward. You can contact the Solon Police Department at 440-248-1234 immediately. Your information could be the key to bringing her back home.

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Kinley Hubbard Power of Community Vigilance

Kinley Hubbard’s disappearance serves as a stark reminder of the importance of community vigilance and cooperation. When one of our own goes missing, it’s not just the responsibility of law enforcement but the entire community to come together in the search efforts. The eyes and ears of every resident become valuable tools in ensuring the safe return of a missing person.


As the search for Kinley Hubbard continues, the Solon, Ohio community remains united in their determination to bring her back safely. The support, prayers, and vigilance of everyone involved are testaments to the strength of community bonds.

Kinley’s family longs to see her again, and the entire community is doing everything they can to make that happen. Let’s hope for Kinley’s swift and safe return home.

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