kijiko eyelashes sims 4: Download

by Narendra

kijiko eyelashes sims 4: Teen, YA, Adult, and Elder eyelashes.
Lashes are a type of accessory.
(put on like glasses)
Eye shape is compatible with change.
There are two types of eyelashes in the female version: mesh1 and mesh2.
You can change the colors and textures as much as you want, but if you upload it somewhere, please DO NOT include mesh data.

Please link to my blog so that mesh data can be found.
Also, DO NOT make copies of my meshes.
In some cases, the mesh data may be changed to fix a problem.

The Sims 4 is a social simulation game, like the games that came before it in the series. There is no main goal or objective to reach, and instead of completing goals, the player is encouraged to make choices and fully participate in an interactive environment.

kijiko eyelashes sims 4: Download Latest version

kijiko eyelashes sims 4: The game is about simulating the lives of virtual people called “Sims,” and the player is in charge of telling them what to do, taking care of their needs, and helping them get what they want.  

Players are in charge of their own lives and can try out different personalities that change how the game goes. In the game, one “Simoleon” () is the unit of money.   In Create-a-Sim, players can make their own Sims or use ones that have already been made. 

Sims usually make money by getting a job or selling things they have made, like paintings and food from their garden.

Sims need to learn skills in order to get jobs and make things. For example, Sims who want to be chefs need to be good at cooking.

Players can put their Sims in homes that have already been built, or they can build and furnish their own homes in Build mode and then upload them to the Gallery, an online exchange. With add-ons and expansion packs, you can get more tools, objects, and features to use in your game.