Kel Mitchell laughs it off on the set of Good Burger 2

by Sourabh

Kel Mitchell laughs it off on the set of Good Burger 2: Kel Mitchell’s outfit for Good Burgers 2 caused jokes and memes on Twitter to compare him to Jada Pinkett Smith, but Mitchell was quick to laugh it off. People are getting more and more excited for the long-awaited sequel to the cult comedy hit Good Burgers, which is set to come out later this year.

And video from the set has led to even more rumors about the character’s clothes and makeup, which set Twitter on fire with memes and comparisons and got Kel Mitchell to respond in a hilarious way.

Kel Mitchell laughs it off on the set of Good Burger 2

This week, a picture from the set of Good Burger 2 made its way onto social media, giving fans their first look at how Kenan and Kel star Mitchell was dressed for filming.

Mitchell is going to play Ed again. On set, he was wearing his usual outfit for flipping burgers and seemed to have a lot of makeup on.

The internet reacted quickly, as it usually does, and Mitchell’s throwback look was met with memes and a lot of similarities to Jada Pinkett Smith:

Kel Mitchell laughs it off on the set of Good Burger 2

Mitchell seemed to take the jokes in a good way, which was a relief. Mitchell posed in his full movie outfit next to his co-star Kenan Thompson and said, “They said I look like Jada Pinkett Smith.” “So we’re about to set it off!”

Mitchell’s joke about “set it off” was, of course, a reference to Pinkett Smith’s part in the famous 1996 crime drama of the same name.

Then, the Good Burgers star sang along to Queen Latifah’s Set It Off, which was on the movie’s music. This was another way to show that he could take a joke, in case there was any doubt.

Even so, the extra attention in the media about Mitchell’s look has only made fans want the next episode of Good Burger more, so what do we know?

Mitchell and Thompson first revealed the sequel in March when they went on late-night TV to share the good news. According to an ABC reporter, the first day of filming was May 18.

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