Kaleidoscope Hannah Baby Father : Explained

by Narendra

Kaleidoscope Hannah Baby Father: The heist drama on Netflix is not in a straight line, so users can watch the episodes in any order they want. This is the show’s unique selling point. Even though it’s best to watch the finale last, you can still understand the story even if you haven’t seen any of the other episodes.

“White,” the series finale of Kaleidoscope, shows the day of the heist. There are more stories that happen before or after the theft. Someone other than the team stole the bonds at the end of the season, and the finale tries to explain what happened.

What Happened To Hannah Kaleidoscope?

The show did a great job of explaining why Leo (Esposito) wanted revenge and how the carefully planned operation went over the years. The only mystery left for the season finale was who had stolen the bonds. Hannah Kim (Tati Gabrielle), who was Leo’s “inside person,” was the only one who knew how to hack the system and get into the vault.

Before the theft, Leo begged his daughter to leave town so that they wouldn’t be connected to the crime, but she didn’t want to.

Hannah lied to her father and planned with other people to steal the bond papers and replace them with blank ones, which we will find out in the next chapter. Hannah’s plan to steal the bond papers and the fact that she had lied to her father were both clear.

Hannah betrays her father at the end of the book, but not in the way you might think. She did it because she didn’t want her father to spend the rest of his life running from the law for a crime he didn’t do.

Why did she do it? She just wanted her dad to be able to take care of himself. She also knew that she and her father couldn’t have outrun the people connected to the connection even if they had had endless time to do so.

Where Did Hannah Hide Them?

Since the show is about making these important connections, it’s important to know what will happen to Hannah. She gave them back to the person who was supposed to have them.

Because there isn’t much information about these bonds, they might be thought of as illegal money. Hannah’s social status and job prospects improved when she made friends with powerful people who could protect her and her family.

Also, by the end of the book, Leo has gotten what he wanted, which was revenge instead of money. The thing I wanted to happen did. Leo put a valuable gem in Roger’s (Ruffalo Sewell) hands without him knowing.

He did this to make it look like he was the one who ruined Roger’s (Ruffalo Sewell) career. Leo thought he had lost everything the night they tried to steal the gems, so he put a lot of value on this gem.