Jungkook’s Letter To The Army Goes Viral

by Rajitha Reddy

Jungkook’s Letter To The Army Goes Viral : The members of BTS are always talking about how much they love the Army, and Jungkook didn’t hold back in his recent letter that was published in the BTS Proof Collector’s Edition.

People are crazy about the letter, and many have been brought to tears by what Jungkook had to say.

People are now sharing how they felt when they read his letter for the first time. This has become a new trend.

Jungkook’s Letter To The Army Goes Viral

Jungkook decided to be honest about how he felt and wrote a note to the Army to make sure he was getting through to everyone the same way. Here’s what’s in his letter:

Jungkook’s Letter To The Army Goes Viral

Jungkook made it clear in his note that he wanted to connect with people as a person, not as a member of BTS. He also wrote, “The main character of my life is no one but me,” to show how he felt.

The singer wanted to remind everyone that it’s important to keep their feet on the ground no matter what.

Jungkook was also quick to let everyone know that it’s okay to have big dreams. At the same time, he told everyone to do what they love without caring what other people might think.

He also said, “Let’s make this one life we have the best it can be for ourselves.” He wrote “let’s be happy” at the end of the letter and told everyone to always be kind to others.

Jungkook’s Letter To The Army Goes Viral Reactions

Jungkook is the band’s youngest member, but his letter showed how far he has come. Fans were quick to point out that his letter showed how grown up he was, which made them like him even more.

One person wrote: “I’m so glad that Jungkook has moved on from “am I living this right?” to “My Time” because it makes me feel better about my life. why am I the only one in a different spacetime?” to his Proof letter saying, “No one but me is the main character in my life.”

Another person said, “Jungkook’s letter is making me cry. Why haven’t I seen this before? Thank you so much, Jungkook. You don’t know how much this means to me.”