Jumping The Broom Tradition’s: Complete Information

by Narendra

Jumping The Broom Tradition’s Meaning: People are talking about the tradition called “jumping the broom” on Twitter, even though many people are just learning what it means. So let’s talk about where it came from and what it means.

The wedding tradition has been around for hundreds of years and is tied to many cultures and continents.

But the old tradition has taken on different meanings over time, which has led to arguments about how to do it right.

What is Jumping The Broom Tradition and how it works

Jumping the broom is a traditional part of a wedding where the bride and groom jump over a broom. The act is a sign of a new start and a way to get rid of the past. It can also mean that two families are becoming one or that respect is being shown to family ancestors. Because of all of these things, jumping the broom is becoming a more common part of modern weddings [source: African American Roots, Inc.].

But the wedding brooms of today are nothing like the ones that were used in the first “jumping the broom” ceremonies. Still made with a wooden handle and natural bristles, they are probably never used to sweep the floor.

Some brides like to make their own brooms, while others buy already-made brooms with fancy decorations. These brooms are anything but ordinary. They are decorated with silk ribbons, fresh or silk flowers, bows, beads, and other pretty things.

Jumping The Broom Tradition: Important part

During the ceremony, broom jumping can go along with a prayer, song, poem, or a simple explanation of the tradition. In the United States in the early 1900s, “At an Ole Virginia Wedding” was often used as a background tune. The words of the passage tell other people to respect the couple’s relationship and tell the couple to love each other [source: Cole]. Today, a lot of brides put the verse on the brooms they use on their wedding day.

The broom can even be used to include guests in the ceremony. A couple can have guests write their names on pieces of decorative paper and tie them to ribbons. The ribbons are then tied to the broom before it is jumped. This shows that the guests and the good wishes they bring with them are part of the marriage.

In Christian ceremonies, the ribbons on the broom may represent the bond between the bride and groom. The broom handle represents God, and the straw represents the families of the bride and groom [source: Kerby]. In pagan ceremonies, the broom represents the perfect balance between male and female energies. The handle represents a phallus, and the bristles represent female energies.

No matter how the broom is used at a wedding, it should be done with a full understanding of what the tradition means historically.

Significance Of The Tradition Explained

Every culture that has ever done or still does the Jumping of the Broom gives it a different meaning.

People in the U.S. think that when you jump the broom, you get rid of all the bad things and welcome the new life. It is also thought of as a way to honor the dead and bring two families closer together.

In Europe, on the other hand, people thought that marriage was especially open to witchcraft and curses. So, jumping over the broom was a sign that the marriage would stand up to evil.