Jeff garlin controversy the Goldbergs

by Narendra

Jeff garlin controversy: The Goldbergs has found a way to get rid of Jeff Garlin, and it seems to be a permanent solution.

When Season 10 of the ABC comedy comes back on Sept. 21 (8:30/7:30c), viewers will find out that Garlin’s character, Murray Goldberg, has been dead for a while. Garlin left the show last season after an investigation into the many complaints about his behavior on set.

Jeff garlin controversy the Goldbergs

“This is going to be a family that hasn’t come to terms with the fact that their father is dead, but has kind of moved on and dealt with a lot of that,” says showrunner Alex Barnow to EW. “We’re excited about [Erica’s] baby coming and looking forward to the future. It’s a chance to find out why people are acting the way they are for this interesting emotional reason.”

Jeff garlin controversy

Barnow also says that he has talked to Garlin, who “knows that he won’t be replaced.” He says, “The truth is, I don’t know if he knows what will happen to him, but I’m going to assume that he does.” We haven’t talked about it again since we started writing, so he doesn’t have any new information on it.”

Co-showrunner Chris Bishop says that the loss of Murray and Erica’s pregnancy make it feel like “a huge reboot” for the show. “We have a lot going for us as we start this new season.”