Jamtara Season 2: Ott Release Date And Time

by Anchal Thakur

Jamtara Season 2: Ott Release Date And Time : When is the second season of the Indian OTT series Jamtara: Sabka Number Ayega going to be available to stream?

Scams, phishing, and hoaxes are some of the most annoying and even dangerous ways that con artists try to get us to give them money today.

Jamtara Season 2: Ott Release Date And Time

But the world of scams is definitely interesting, and Jamtara: Sabka Number Ayega may be one of the best TV dramas to look at the effects of this business.

Jamtara Season 2: Ott Release Date And Time

Jamtara: The second season of Sabka Number Ayega will be available to watch all over the world on Netflix on September 23.

The series is expected to come out at 12:30 PM IST. This is the usual update time for original Indian content, and other sites, like Gadgets360, have also confirmed this.

Netflix India has several subscription plans that will give you access to season 2 of Jamtara when it comes out:

Jamtara Season 2 Talk

Recently, Jamtara season 2’s director Soumendra Padhi sat down with Money Control to talk about the new scams and stories that are common in modern India.

He said that the production team spent a lot of time with the police in Delhi, Mumbai, and Hyderabad learning about modern scams.

Padhi said, “Our story is based on research, and most of the characters you see are based on or inspired by real people, like the IPS officer Dolly Sahu, who is played by Aksha Pardasany, the politicians, and the different scammers.”