James Lagarde Cause Of Death : News

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James Lagarde Cause Of Death : This is a story about a special person named Jim Lagarde Jr. He was a beloved member of the Florida, New York community and had a strong connection to the world of soccer.

We’ll tell you about his life, his love for soccer, and how he touched the lives of many. We’ll use simple words so that appreciate his legacy.

James Lagarde Cause Of Death : News

Jim Lagarde Jr. lived in Florida, New York, and he was known as “Jim” to his friends and family. He was a co-owner of something called Primo Sports. But on October 12, 2023, something very sad happened – Jim passed away.

This news was shared on social media by his family, and it made everyone remember the good times they had with him and how much they would miss him.

James Lagarde Early Years

Jim was born on January 30, 1973, in a place called Manhattan. His parents were Carole Lagarde and the late James Lagarde Sr. Jim’s life was all about soccer right from the start.

He started playing soccer when he was in high school at Burke Catholic High School. It’s like if you loved playing video games as a kid, and that love grew with you.

As Jim grew up, he didn’t just play soccer; he wanted to share his passion with others. In 2007, he started something called the Primo Sports Center in Florida, New York.

It was like a special place where people could come to play soccer and learn from him. He was like a soccer superhero who shared his skills with many young players in the Hudson Valley.

Jim didn’t just own the sports center; he also coached many soccer teams. He became the Director of Coaching at something called Primo FC, and he led different teams to win lots of games. It’s like being the captain of your team and helping them become champions. He was really good at it!

James Lagarde Master Coach

Jim was not just any coach; he was a “Master Coach” with the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA). This was like getting a gold medal in coaching.

He had the highest coaching award in the whole country! It’s like being the best chef in the world when it comes to making soccer players better.

James Lagarde Coaching Qualifications

Jim had a lot of special certificates that showed how good he was at coaching. He had something called the NSCAA International Premier coaching license, the National Director of Coaching Diploma, the National Goalkeeping Diploma, the Advanced National Coaching Diploma from Butler University, and the National Coaching Diploma from Fort Lauderdale, FL.

It’s like having a treasure chest full of coaching knowledge!

Jim was so passionate about soccer that he even went to England to watch how they play soccer there. He visited the academies of famous soccer clubs in the English Premier League.

It’s like if you loved playing music, you would go to a famous concert to learn from the best musicians in the world.

James Lagarde Family Man

Jim was not just a soccer person; he was also a loving family man. He had four children named Zemi, Colin, Trevor, and Madison, and he was a great dad to them.

He was also a wonderful husband to his wife, Tara. He had siblings who loved him very much – Tara Aiken, Renee Lagarde, and Chris Lagarde. It’s like being the best friend and superhero to your family.

Saying Goodbye

Now comes the sad part. Jim’s family will say their final goodbyes at a special ceremony on Tuesday, October 17, 2023. People who knew and loved Jim can visit the Donovan Funeral Home, Inc. in Goshen, NY, from 3-7 p.m.

The ceremony will begin at 6:30 p.m. In place of flowers, Jim’s family has asked people to donate to the Mental Health Association in Orange County, Inc. to remember him. It’s like planting a tree to remember someone special.


In this story, we talked about Jim Lagarde Jr., a soccer enthusiast, coach, and a wonderful family man. He didn’t just love soccer; he shared his passion and skills with others.

His certificates and awards were like badges of honor in the world of soccer. We hope you learned something new about this amazing person.

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