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by Ekta

Jackson Anthony Cause Of Death : In the world of Sri Lankan entertainment, there was a towering figure, a multifaceted talent who left an indelible mark on cinema, theater, and television.

Jackson Anthony, a beloved actor, director, producer, musician, and so much more, sadly passed away at the age of 65 after a courageous battle following a tragic accident.

In this article, we will celebrate the life and legacy of this remarkable artist and explore the immense impact he had on the world of Sri Lankan entertainment.

Jackson Anthony Cause Of Death

The journey towards Jackson Anthony’s passing began with a tragic incident on July 2, 2022. He was returning from a film shoot at Haththikuchchi Viharaya in Galgamuwa when his car collided with a wild elephant near Thalawa.

This collision resulted in severe injuries, not only to Jackson Anthony but potentially to the wild elephant as well. The accident was a devastating twist of fate that would change the course of his life.

Following the accident, Jackson Anthony was initially treated at Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital before being transferred to the National Hospital in Colombo.

He underwent a grueling seven-hour operation in the intensive care unit and remained hospitalized for the next 14 months. It was a challenging journey, marked by determination and resilience in the face of adversity.

Jackson Anthony’s passing leaves a profound void in the world of Sri Lankan entertainment. His contributions to cinema and culture will be remembered and cherished by many.

He was more than an actor; he was a storyteller, a visionary, and a symbol of artistic excellence. His legacy lives on through his work and the countless lives he touched with his talent.

Jackson Anthony Iconic Career

Jackson Anthony was a true icon in Sri Lankan entertainment, known for his unparalleled versatility. He achieved a record sixteen national awards for Best Actor, a testament to his extraordinary talent and dedication. But his contributions extended far beyond acting.

In his early career, Jackson Anthony made a name for himself with memorable performances in films like ‘Guru Gedara,’ ‘Chitti,’ ‘Ayoma,’ and ‘Loku Duwa.’ His acting prowess and charisma captured the hearts of audiences across Sri Lanka.

As the years went by, Jackson Anthony continued to shine with notable works that included ‘Bawa Duka,’ ‘Bawa Karma,’ ‘Gini Awi Saha Gini Keli,’ ‘Aswesuma,’ ‘Agni Dahaya,’ ‘Sooriya Arana,’ ‘Mille Soya,’ and ‘Randiya Dahara.’ Each film showcased his incredible range as an actor and his ability to breathe life into diverse characters.

Jackson Anthony Television Journey

Jackson Anthony was not confined to the silver screen; he also left his mark on Sri Lankan television. His appearances in serials such as ‘Palingu Manike,’ ‘Ella Langa Walawwa,’ ‘Suseema,’ ‘Weda Hamine,’ ‘Kadulla,’ ‘Pitagamkarayo,’ and ‘Akala Sandya’ solidified his status as a television legend.

His role in ‘Pitagamkarayo’ earned him the Best Actor award at the Sumathi Awards.

As a director, Jackson Anthony contributed to several successful Sri Lankan films, including ‘Julietge Bhumikawa’ and ‘Paradeesaya.’

His work on the film ‘Address Na,’ which he directed and acted in, earned him the Best Actor award at the Derana Film Awards in 2015. His creative vision extended beyond the screen, making him a force to be reckoned with in the world of cinema.


As we bid farewell to Jackson Anthony, we are reminded of the enduring power of art and the impact one individual can have on an entire industry.

His journey was one of immense talent, dedication, and the ability to transport audiences into the worlds he created. While he may no longer be with us, his performances and contributions will continue to inspire future generations of artists and entertainers in Sri Lanka and beyond.

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