Jacki sundheim: Latest News

by Narendra

The North Shore Congregation Israel says that one of the victims is Jacki Sundheim; Nicholas Toledo, who was 78, had been in Mexico to see his family; 4 more victims haven’t been named yet.

At least six people were killed by a gunman at an Independence Day parade in suburban Chicago on Monday. The first two victims to be named were a senior staff member at a synagogue near Chicago and a Mexican grandfather who was visiting his family.

On Monday night, North Shore Congregation Israel in nearby Glencoe said that one of the victims was a member of the congregation who also worked for the synagogue. According to the Reform synagogue’s website, Jacki Sundheim was in charge of events and bar and bat mitzvahs.

Synagogue staffer, Mexican grandfather among six Chicago-area shooting victims

In an email to members, the synagogue said, “Jacki was a lifelong member of NSCI and a beloved member of NSCI’s staff for decades.”

“We were all moved by Jacki’s work, kindness, and warmth.”

The synagogue said that her husband Bruce and her daughter Leah would miss her.

Earlier in the day, synagogue leaders posted a message about the shooting that said, “This affects each of us deeply and personally; the grief, pain, and fear affect us all.”

Jacki sundheim Victim

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that it had obtained information regarding Jewish casualties. A prosperous suburb located approximately 25 miles north of Chicago’s central business district is called Highland Park. There are at least 30,000 people living there, and the majority of them are Jewish and Israeli.

The police have not disclosed any information regarding the victims or the injured.

Jennifer Banek, the coroner for Lake County, stated that the five people who were killed during the parade were adults. However, she did not have any information regarding the sixth victim who was taken to a hospital where they later passed away. Roberto Velasco, Mexico’s director for North American affairs, said on Monday via Twitter that a Mexican national was among those who had been killed in the attack. He stated that two additional Mexicans had been injured.

Nicholas Toledo, 78, was a father of eight and a grandfather. He had traveled to the United States two months ago to visit relatives after being separated from them for the previous few years due to COVID. Family members have identified the deceased man as being Nicholas Toledo.

Xochil Toledo, Toledo’s granddaughter, told The New York Post that her family is “very upset” and that she herself is “in shock.” “It merely seems like a dream, albeit a terrifying one.”