Is Wo Long Fallen Dynasty On Xbox Game Pass?

by Narendra

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is almost out on Xbox Game Pass, PS5, and PC via Steam, and there is still time to get its pre-order bonuses.

The same people who made Nioh also made Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, which is a souls-like game. Reviewers are raving about the game, saying that it is amazing and one of the best games like Souls ever made.

The game comes out tomorrow and looks great in every way.

Is Wo Long Fallen Dynasty On Xbox Game Pass?

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will come out on March 3 at 00:00 PST, 00:00 EDT, and 00:00 GMT, according to a countdown timer.

All of the hours listed above apply to both PlayStation and Xbox. On March 3, the game will be available on PC through Steam at 00:00 PST, 03:00 EDT, and 08:00 GMT.

The WoLongOfficial Twitter account is where we got all of these launch times. Xbox gamers can play early right now via the New Zealand release time trick. This is because the game came out at midnight where they live.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty will be available on Xbox Game Pass on March 3.

It comes out on the first day of March 2023, along with MLB The Show 23 and Xbox Game Pass. Here is what has been said about March 2023 so far:

F1 22 – Mar 2nd
Valehim (console) (console) March 14: EA Sports PGA Tour (10-hour trial on EA Play); March 21: MLB The Show 23 (console, PC): March 28; Way to the Woods: Date to be determined.