Is Wednesday Addams A Witch?

by Rajitha Reddy

Is Wednesday Addams A Witch? Fans have been anticipating the arrival of Netflix original series Wednesday since it was first announced in October 2020. Finally, the series has arrived on television, making this holiday season even more enjoyable.

The plot, as expected, is brimming with Addams Family goodness, leaving audiences eager to learn everything they can about the titular character. Is Wednesday Addams a witch or not? And what are her abilities?

For decades, fans of all ages have adored The Addams Family. Several spin-offs and film adaptations have told twisted stories about the monstrous family members.

Wednesday Addams is forced to attend Nevermore, a school for outcasts, by her parents Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and Gomez Addams (Luis Guzman).

Is Wednesday Addams A Witch?

No, Wednesday isn’t considered a witch. But she does have an ancestor who was a witch. More on that later.

Wednesday is already an outcast at Nevermore Academy because of her dark personality, but she has more than one thing that makes her special. Wednesday isn’t a werewolf or a siren, so she doesn’t fit in with other people who are from other worlds.

Is Wednesday Addams A Witch?

In episode 1, Wednesday has a vision of the person who put her brother Pugsley (Isaac Ordonez) in a locker. In episode 5, the moody protagonist talks about her powers. She explains how her powers work.

They are usually set off by touch, which causes brief, intense visions of things that happened in the past or could happen in the future. Wednesday is told over and over again that she can’t trust her visions because they only show one side of events. Wednesday’s violent visions of the past and future are hard to control and don’t always work out as planned. This leads her down some questionable paths.

Episode 5 shows a lot more about the situation. Morticia talks about her own experiences with visions while she was at Nevermore and how she couldn’t trust her visions.

Her mother also tells her that the powers can’t be controlled without the help of Addams ancestors. This brings up a witchy relative from the past, Goody Addams.

Who Is Goody Addams in the Wednesday?

Wednesday Addams comes from Goody Addams. She goes to Wednesday to get help controlling her visions.

Goody was an outcast who lived during the time of the infamous witch trials in the 1600s. Joseph Crackstone said Goody and her family were witches, as seen in Wednesday’s visions. Goody barely gets away, but he gets his revenge by killing Crackstone.

Wednesday’s ancestor is a big part of what helps the main character figure out who she is and even saves her life. A strong friend that anyone can have.

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