Is Vici Dolls Founder Sandra Sayegh Fired ? Latest Update

by Ekta

Is Vici Dolls Founder Sandra Sayegh Fired ? Sandra Sayegh Dudum, the creator of Vici Dolls, a popular online destination for women’s fashion and accessories, recently faced a storm of controversy leading to her removal as chairwoman.

This decision came after she made inflammatory and offensive remarks on Instagram related to the Israel-Palestine conflict. Her abrupt departure from Vici Dolls on October 31, 2023, prompted the company to issue a formal apology for her comments and announce her resignation.

Is Vici Dolls Founder Sandra Sayegh Fired ? Update

Sandra’s professional journey took off in 2012 when she established Vici Dolls after successful roles as a fashion buyer and CEO at Glambomb.

Her career also included stints at Nordstrom and Warner Bros. Entertainment. Her departure from Vici Dolls is significant considering her pivotal role in founding and leading the brand.

Sandra Sayegh Social Media Fallout

This incident sheds light on the power of social media and the importance of responsible communication in the digital age. Despite Sandra’s accomplishments in the fashion industry, this controversy emphasizes the consequences of irresponsible engagement on social platforms.

Sandra has since deleted her Instagram account, and her personal details, including her age, remain undisclosed.


The episode involving Sandra Sayegh Dudum’s departure from Vici Dolls underscores the impact of social media on both individuals and businesses. It serves as a reminder of the necessity for thoughtful and responsible communication, defining the complexities of her career in the fashion industry.