Is The Wonder Based On A True Story?

by Narendra

Is The Wonder Based On A True Story? The Wonder, Netflix’s newest movie, has a star-studded cast and an interesting story, so there has been a lot of talk about it before it comes out.

The movie is about a nurse who is told to keep an eye on a young girl who says she hasn’t eaten in four months.

It’s hard to believe what the nurse says, and she’s sure it’s not true. Is the strange case in The Wonder based on a real event or is it a work of fiction?

Is The Wonder Based On A True Story?

The story in The Wonder is made up. It is based on a book by Emma Donoghue with the same name.

But the Irish-Canadian author was inspired by true stories of “fasting girls,” which was a disturbing thing that happened many times during the Victorian era in the 1800s.

Is The Wonder Based On A True Story?

Young women, most of whom were still young girls, said they could go without food for months or even years at a time.

Emma Donoghue was inspired by the story of 12-year-old Sarah Jacob, who was from Wales. In 1869, The Times newspaper told the story of Sarah Jacob.

Sarah said she hadn’t eaten since she was 10 years old, which was two years ago.

The Times hired four English nurses to watch the girl and see if she really could live without food. This was done to find out if the girl and her parents were telling the truth.

But after two weeks of watching, Sarah showed clear signs of being hungry, but her parents wouldn’t let her eat. She died a few days later.

Sarah had, in fact, been sneaking small amounts of food when she was alone, which she couldn’t do when she was being watched. After she died, her parents were found guilty of manslaughter.

The Wonder Plots preview

The Wonder was added to Netflix on November 16, 2022, after being shown at a few film festivals and in a small number of theaters.

The movie is about an English nurse named Lib Wright who is sent to a small village in Ireland in 1862 to watch over a young girl who hasn’t eaten in four months. Pugh plays Lib Wright.

Lib can’t figure out how the fasting girl is still alive, and word of her amazing feat quickly spreads, bringing tourists and pilgrims who think the girl might be a saint.

But as more is found out about the girl, something more scary seems to be going on.

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