Is Stuart Little Dead? Latest News

by Narendra

Is Stuart Little Dead? Fans of Stuart Little are upset by online rumors that he was “found dead” in Chicago.

The movie character was first made in 1999. It was based on a book with the same name. Years after he was a popular actor on the big screen and became a fan favorite, his fake death broke the hearts of many.

The sad news has started a sort of trend on TikTok, where Stuart Little fans are talking about how much they miss him. This happened just a few days after the platform was taken over by jokes that faked the deaths of real celebrities.

But the news that the character voiced by Michael J. Fox has died is fake and not a joke.

Is Stuart Little Dead?

On TikTok, you can find videos that say Stuart died at different ages.

Some are just pictures of the beloved character smiling with the words “Rest in Peace” written below them. Other TikToks show people talking about his death as they express their sorrow.

One TikTok user said “violence must stop in Chicago” after Stuart was shot in his head in a made-up story, then showed a picture of a white mouse that looks like it’s dead.

The animated character was such a big part of many people’s childhoods that just thinking about him dying, even though it’s not true, is sad.

Even if the Internet makes him feel like he is somewhere else, his memories will live on.

Is Michael J. Fox Dead?

People aren’t sure if Michael J. Fox, who voiced Stuart, is okay because of the TikToks about him being found dead.

Let’s be clear that Michael is doing fine and is still alive as we write this article.

He gives Stuart’s voice in the first Stuart Little movie and all of its sequels. People also know him as Marty McFly from the Back to the Future movies.

After first being confused about Stuart’s death, many TikTok users were seen asking if Michael was OK. We can say for sure that he is doing fine.

Even as recently as the last week of December 2022, his most recent Instagram posts show him promoting Back to the Future merchandise.

Even though it’s not true, fans still pay tribute

Maybe the world wasn’t ready to let go of Stuart and hoped that he would come back to life in future movies.

So, many people have said they are sad that he seems to have died in 2023.

“You will be missed” was written on one TikTok post. Stuuuuuu. “OMG, what happened?

“I’m sure I saw some O’block cats. “RIP,” said someone else.

One person wrote on Twitter, “Just in: Sad news from Chicago. Stuart Little’s body was found, and his family is asking for privacy at this time.