Is spacetoon shutting down ?

by Narendra

Is spacetoon shutting down ? Spacetoon is a free-to-air TV channel that is available all over the Arab world. It focuses on animation and shows for kids. It started airing on March 27, 2000, and has offices in both Damascus and Dubai.

The main Indonesian channel went on the air in Jakarta on March 23, 2005. It later changed its name to NET, and it is still shown on satellite TV.

At some point, Indonesia will have three Spacetoon channels: Spacetoon, Space Shopping, and Spacetoon Plus. Spacetoon India exists in India, but not as a separate TV channel. Instead, it is a licensing company. Spacetoon started in South Korea in 2005, but it has since ended.

Is spacetoon shutting down ?

Well, There have been rumors that Spacetoon is about to shut down because it doesn’t make enough money. A big part of our childhood was watching Spacetoon. Well let me clarify you there is no such news posted from genuine that spacetoon shutting down or closing.

Is spacetoon shutting down ?

So till that we have to wait and lets see what spacetoon company is thinking. Before that all the rumors of spacetoon closing soon is fake. Make sure you should check out there official handle for latest updates.

I don’t think it’s going to close. All of these are rumors that came from the same person in tiktok. Spacetoon hasn’t said anything to say that they’re going out of business. And if they were, they would say so before it actually happened.

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