Is Rishi Sunak Gujarati?

by Kirti Rajput

Is Rishi Sunak Gujarati? Sunak was born in 1980 to Usha, a chemist, and Yashvir, a general practitioner (GP) for the NHS in Southampton. He has spent a lot of time talking to his relatives who live abroad while also building his own life in the UK.

Is Rishi Sunak Gujarati?

At Winchester College, he studied philosophy, politics, and economics. After that, he got his MBA at Stanford University in California, which is an Ivy League school.

He had always been interested in politics, and he worked on it while he was an analyst at Goldman Sachs. He worked there from 2001 to 2004, and then went to work for Children’s Investment Fund Management, which manages hedge funds.

It was confirmed on October 24, 2022, that he would be the next Prime Minister of Britain.

Is Rishi Sunak Gujarati?

The grandparents of Rishi Sunak are from Punjab, which is in India. Sunak is famous for being married to Akshata Murty, the daughter of NR Narayana Murthy, the billionaire businessman who started Infosys. Sunak went to both Oxford and Stanford University.

People in Zirakpur, Punjab, were happy for Rishi Sunak, the leader of the Conservative Party in the UK, because he is the first Prime Minister of the UK who is from India. “It makes me proud to see someone with Indian roots become the leader of a country that ruled us for more than a hundred years,” one resident said.

“My friends Amar Singh Rana and DS Gill, who live in England, are very proud. Because of how Rishi played. They like how Rishi Sunak has done as Finance Minister, so they back him.

They are very proud, “Raja Singh, who lives in Zirakpur and is the general secretary of the Rashtriya Janshakti Party, said this.

“Today, our NRIs are very happy because one of them is going to become the Prime Minister of that country, which ruled not just one country but many,” Singh said.

Another person who lives in Britain told ANI that Rishi Sunak has done a lot for the country. He said some things about the economy that turned out to be true. Rishi Sunak is going to be the Prime Minister of Britain, which is also true.

“This is a proud moment for me, but it’s also a proud moment for every Indian, no matter where they live in the world,” he said.

“We’ve always heard that England gave this or that to India, but this is the first time that India is going to give something to England,” a resident of Zirakpur said. Adding that this is the first time that Indians will help England grow. Sunak was born in Southampton to parents who came to Britain from East Africa and had Indian roots.