Is Payfare Down ? Dasher direct app Not Working ?

by Ekta

Is Payfare Down ? Dasher direct app Not Working ? Recent reports of a Payfare outage have left DoorDash and Lyft users frustrated. When a service we depend on faces disruptions, it’s important to grasp the situation and know how to navigate it. In this article, we’ll delve into the recent Payfare outage, its root causes, and what you can do to manage the situation effectively.

The Payfare Outage

Users of Payfare, the payment provider utilized by DoorDash and Lyft, have experienced a significant outage. The Payfare app and website are currently down, causing payment disturbances for individuals who rely on these platforms for their earnings.

Determining Responsibility

It’s crucial to clarify that the outage is not a fault of DoorDash or Lyft. Instead, the issue stems from Payfare, the third-party payment service provider responsible for handling payments for these companies.

DoorDash’s Involvement

DoorDash, a prominent food delivery service, uses Payfare as its payment service. Despite the inconvenience users are experiencing, it’s important to remember that DoorDash has limited control over this situation. Their reliance on third-party payment providers means that they are not directly responsible for the Payfare outage.

Lyft’s Role

Lyft, a popular ridesharing service, has also been affected by the Payfare outage. Like DoorDash, Lyft is grappling with payment issues due to its association with Payfare. However, it’s crucial to remember that Lyft is not at fault for the situation.

Navigating the Payfare Outage

While it’s undeniably frustrating, there are ways you can effectively manage the Payfare outage:

  1. Stay Informed: Keep a close watch on official communications from Payfare, DoorDash, and Lyft. These companies are actively working to resolve the issue and will provide updates when available.
  2. Exercise Patience: Outages like these are typically temporary, and companies are committed to restoring their services as swiftly as possible. Being patient during these moments is essential.
  3. Contact Customer Support: If you have specific concerns about your payments or services, don’t hesitate to reach out to the customer support teams of DoorDash or Lyft. They may have additional information or solutions to offer.

Additional Solutions:

  1. Plan Financially: Consider creating a financial buffer to help tide you over during unexpected outages or issues. Setting aside a portion of your earnings in a savings account can provide you with financial stability during challenging times.
  2. Diversify Income: Explore alternative income sources during the Payfare outage. If you heavily rely on DoorDash or Lyft for income, having multiple income streams can mitigate financial disruptions.
  3. Network with Peers: Connect with other DoorDash or Lyft drivers and share experiences and information. They may have insights or tips on how to manage the situation effectively.


The Payfare outage may be causing inconveniences, but it’s crucial to recognize that the issue lies with the payment provider, not DoorDash or Lyft. Stay informed through official updates, exercise patience while they work to resolve the problem, and don’t hesitate to contact customer support if needed. In addition, plan your finances, diversify your income, and connect with your peers to navigate the situation effectively. Payfare is likely to provide updates on the situation, and DoorDash and Lyft will resume their services once the issue is resolved.

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