Is NBA 2K23 On Xbox Game Pass?

by Rajitha Reddy

Is NBA 2K23 On Xbox Game Pass: It’s been almost four weeks since NBA 2K23 came out. But there are still a lot of important questions that haven’t been fully answered. Here’s one of them: Will Xbox Game Pass have NBA 2K23?

Xbox Game Pass has been a great way for gamers to get access to a wide range of games for free or at a discount. A lot of Xbox players are interested in the subscription-based feature, which is becoming more and more popular as it keeps adding to its library.

Is NBA 2K23 On Xbox Game Pass?

But Game Pass hasn’t always been good about adding new AAA games as soon as they come out, especially sports games. Take Madden 23 as an example. It came out on August 19, but Game Pass still doesn’t have it. So, you might wonder, what does this mean for NBA 2K?

So, here’s what you need to know about whether or not NBA 2K23 is on Xbox Game Pass.

Is NBA 2K23 On Xbox Game Pass?

At the moment, the answer is “no.” In fact, EA Sports’ NBA Live 19 is the only NBA game on Game Pass. Even though the game has been out for almost a month, NBA 2K hasn’t said anything about whether or not it will be added to Game Pass.

Still, the fact that we haven’t heard anything yet doesn’t mean that the game won’t be on Game Pass in the future. Newer games can take a while to get on Game Pass, as we saw with Madden. The same could be true for NBA 2K.

Even though there has been no sign that NBA 2K23 will be on Xbox Game Pass, you should keep an eye out.