Is Munna Shiny Pokemon GO? Munna Spotlight Hour Date & Bonus

by Narendra

Is Munna Shiny Pokemon GO: The Season of Light has started, and it will bring a lot of new events and Pokemon to Pokemon GO, like the Cosmog from the Nebula region.

The three-month season starts in September, with events like the Psychic Spectacular, Test your Mettel, Fashion Week, and The Clefairy Commotion that are sure to happen.

Niantic has also confirmed the usual Spotlight Hours, Raid Hours, and Community Day for September.

In September’s first Spotlight Hour, The Dream Eater Pokemon, Munna, is featured. This fits with the theme of Psychic. Here’s everything you need to know about it, like when it starts, what the bonuses are, and if Munna can be shiny or not.

Munna Spotlight Hour Date and Time

The Munna Spotlight Hour always takes place on a Tuesday. This time, it was on September 6. The event starts at 6 p.m. in the area.

During that hour, players will get double Stardust for every Pokemon they catch, or four times as much if they use a Star Piece.

Can Munna Be Shiny During The Pokémon Go Spotlight Hour?

Shiny hunters will be happy to hear that Munna can be shiny during the first Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour of September.

But there is also some bad news. Spotlight hours are not like Pokemon GO Community Days, when the chance of the featured Pokemon being shiny is a lot higher.

This means that Munna’s Shiny rate in Pokemon GO will be about 1 out of every 500 times. If you want to catch one, be ready to break an incense and start moving.