Is Morphe Stores Shutting Down ?

by Ami Dalsania

Is Morphe Stores Shutting Down ? Some employees of Morphe have been posting on TikTok that the company is closing stores in the US with “barely any notice.”

Some Morphe employees are said to be nervously waiting for the “imminent closure” as they share their experiences on TikTok.

People on Tiktok say that Morphe stores are closing down all over the United States

Two TikTokers named @creepypeachy and @daddymuaa posted videos on TikTok about what it was like to work at Morphe.

@creepypeachy, whose real name is Dani, said she was the store manager of a Morphe location and that she only had four days’ notice that the store was closing.

People on Tiktok say that Morphe stores are closing down all over the United States

Dani says in the video, “Morphe has been quietly shutting down retail stores for at least a year now. Everyone is being told that it’s because of lease stuff.

“They told us on December 22 that our last day of business is December 26. Today is December 26. Then, tomorrow, we’ll just pack up the store, and we’ll be out of work.”

Dani said she had worked at the store for about a year and a half and would get three weeks’ pay as severance. She said she made the TikTok to “get the word out” and asked why “no one’s talking about it?”

Two Tiktok users say Morphe is closing.

In an email to Insider, a spokesperson for Forma Brands, the company that owns Morphe, confirmed that some US stores are closing. Nobody said how many stores were closing.

Forma said that the Morphe store closings were due to problems in the “broader beauty landscape” over the past year. “Decisions that affect our people are very hard, and we want to show our deepest gratitude to the hardworking Morphe store team members at the stores that are closing.”

In 2022, new beauty brands came out, including Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty, Hailey Bieber’s Rhode Skin, and Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop. In the wake of the pandemic, this has made it harder for other high-street makeup stores to make money.

Users of TIKTOK say they had “no notice” that MORPHE stores were closing.

The Daily Dot says that @daddymuaa agreed with Dani in a different video that has since been deleted. In the video, he says that the store he works at hasn’t closed yet, even though he shows empty shelves that he says belong to a Morphe store.

He also says he’s worried about “not being able to pay your bills or whatever.”

What Morphe Workers Says

@daddymuaa says on his TikTok that he has worked for Morphe since 2018 and that he wants “more attention” on the issue of stores closing.

In the comments section, other Morphe employees talked about their own experiences, and some told those who might be laid off to look for work at other beauty stores like MAC and Sephora.

Morphe hasn’t said publicly how many stores are closing, and it hasn’t said anything about what the TikTokers say.