Is Luckiest Girl Alive Based On A True Story?

by Ami Dalsania

Is Luckiest Girl Alive Based On A True Story: No genre is left out, from sports movies to horror slashers, and Luckiest Girl Alive gives fans of mystery thrillers something to look forward to.

It’s based on Jessica Knoll’s book of the same name and was directed by Mike Barker. It comes out in theaters on Friday, September 30, 2022, but it won’t be available on the platform until Friday, October 7, 2022.

Is Luckiest Girl Alive Based On A True Story?

Even though both the movie and the book are works of fiction, IndieWire says that the story Jessica wrote was based on her own life.

In Luckiest Girl Alive, Mila plays Ani FaNelli, the editor of the New York Times Magazine. She lives a lucky life in New York City with good friends and the perks of her job.

But when a person who makes true crime documentaries shows up to talk about an event from her school days, she has to face her past.

Short story : Is Luckiest Girl Alive Based On A True Story?

Jessica used to be the editor of the magazine Cosmopolitan. In 2016, she told IndieWire that she had been gang-raped as a teenager.

People says that a year after the book came out, she wrote an essay for Lena Dunham’s Lenny Letter that helped her deal with the trauma:

She also said, “I’ve been running, ducking, and dodging because I’m afraid. I’m afraid that no one will call what happened to me rape because no one has for a long time.”

Luckiest Girl Alive Cast

  • Mila Kunis as Ani FaNelli
  • Finn Wittrock as Luke Harrison
  • Scoot McNairy as Andrew Larson
  • Chiara Aurelia as Young Ani
  • Thomas Barbusca as Arthur Finnerman
  • Justin Lupe as Nell Rutherford
  • Alexandra Beaton as Hilary Hitchinson
  • Dalmar Abuzeid as Aaron Wickersham
  • Alex Barone as Dean Barton
  • Jennifer Beals as LoLo Vincent
  • Connie Britton as Dina

On Friday, October 7, 2022, you can watch Luckiest Girl Alive on Netflix.