Is Google Stadia Shutting Down?

by Ami Dalsania

Is Google Stadia Shutting Down? Google Stadia is closing down, but customers won’t be affected by the search giant’s choice of end date, which is in 2022.

In the past few years, cloud gaming services have become more popular, and many companies have tried to break into the market.

The first company to make a successful model will be able to expand into devices that aren’t usually used for AAA games, while avoiding the costs of hardware and research that come with making consoles.

But Google has said that Stadia will not be one of them, and a date has been set for the end of the current service.

Is Google Stadia Shutting Down?

Google Stadia will be discontinued on January 18, 2023. Google has confirmed that players will be able to access their game library until this date, giving them the opportunity to complete any remaining play sessions.

Refunds for Stadia hardware purchased from the dedicated Google Store are in the works. This also includes any games or add-ons purchased from the Google Stadia store. Google adds more information about the refund process, telling fans:

“We will refund all Stadia hardware buying (Stadia Controller, Founders Edition, Premiere Version, and Play and Watch with Google TV packages) made through the Google Store, as well as software transactions (games and add-on purchases) made through the Stadia store.” Stadia Pro subscriptions are not refundable; however, you will be able to play your games in Pro until the final wind-down date without incurring any additional charges.

Is Google Stadia Shutting Down?

“We are currently working through this process and will keep this article up to date as we define the process for each of the countries and situations.” “By January 18, 2023, we hope to have processed the majority of refunds back to the original payment.”

Google has also stated that subscriptions to Stadia Pro will not be refunded. Players with an active Stadia Pro subscription as of September 29, 2022, on the other hand, will not be charged for access to their Pro library or other subscription entitlements during the shut-down period.

More information about the process of shutting down the current Google Stadia service is set to be released in the coming months by the company.