Is Drew Starkey Dead or Alive ?

by Ami Dalsania

Is Drew Starkey Dead or Alive ? Fans thought Drew Starkey was “dead” after a TikTok user posted a video about the TV star that many people didn’t understand.

There are often hoaxes about the deaths of famous people. Often, YouTube channels and other media outlets run “clickbait” stories with misleading headlines that spread false information about famous people.

But that wasn’t the case with Drew, because no one actually said he was “dead,” but TikTok made fans worry anyway.

Is Drew Starkey Dead or Alive ?

Drew is alive and well in 2022. There is nothing wrong with him.

After seeing a TikTok that got a lot of attention, it seems like people started looking for answers on Google about what could have happened to the actor.

The video shows different clips of the star, and the caption says, “That last video is one of my all-time favorites of him…I’m really sad I’ll never meet or know him.”

At the beginning of the video, there is text that says, “I love you, Drew. But, you are not mine.’

But fans read the caption wrong and thought the video meant Drew was dead.

Drew Starkey Dead Rumors on tiktok

About 30,000 people have watched the video, and the comments section is full of questions from worried fans.

The owner of the account posted the first comment, which says, “Wait, why does everyone think he’s dead?! I’m just saying I’ll probably never meet him?? ”

When one of his followers asked if the rumors are “true,” he said, “Is what true? All I said is I’ll never meet him. Yes, I think that’s true.”

In another comment, the person who made the video said, “Someone tag me in the video where they said Drew died.” He or she looked tired of telling people that Drew is alive and well.

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