Is Dragon Ball The Breakers Cross Platform?

by Narendra

Is Dragon Ball The Breakers Cross Platform: Dragon Ball: The Breakers will be out soon. It’s a fun multiplayer game, but some fans are worried that it doesn’t have crossplay or multiplayer across platforms.

Fans of Dragon Ball could try out an open beta in September, but the full game is not free to play like the beta was. It costs £15.99 to play, but you can buy a special edition for £24.99 that has some cool extras and rewards.

It’s available on all platforms, but you can’t play with or against friends on different systems.

Is Dragon Ball The Breakers Cross Platform?

Dragon Ball: The Breakers is not crossplay, so it can’t be played with people on different consoles or computers at the same time.

People asked the developers if they could add the feature, but producer Ryosuke Hara told Siliconera in January that “there are no plans to support cross-platform and cross-save at the moment.” Since that interview, nothing has changed.

There is support for multiplayer between PS4 and PS5, Xbox One and Series X/S, but you can’t play against people on other systems. This means that Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch users can’t matchmake with PlayStation users, and vice versa.

Some fans are really worried about not being able to play against other systems. On Reddit, people talked about how long they had to wait for the most recent last-minute trial.

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