Is DMZ Pay to Win in Warzone Season 3? PW2 DMZ Bundles Explained

by Narendra

Is DMZ Pay to Win in Warzone Season 3? PW2 DMZ Bundles Explained Is DMZ in Warzone Season 3 Pay to Win? Pay-to-win systems are some of the most disliked parts of modern games.

Some free-to-play games have them, and they do exactly what they say: they give unfair advantages to people who are willing to pay real money for those advantages. Since Warzone 2 and DMZ are free to play, many players are worried about the new PW2 skins and bundles. Here’s all the information you need to know.

Is DMZ Pay to Win in Warzone Season 3? PW2 DMZ Bundles Explained

The Bomb Squad Operator Bundles are one of the most outrageous pay-to-win features added to DMZ with Season 3. And, unfortunately, we can’t be soft-spoken about this.

They are indeed pay-to-win in the sense that people who buy these bundles with their own hard-earned money get clear advantages.

There are four different skin bundles for PW2 mechanics, and each one gives players different ways to improve their gameplay. First of all, when you buy a bundle, the fourth Active Duty Slot is automatically unlocked.

Also, if you buy these bundles, the time it takes for your insured weapons to cool down will be shorter. When you die in the DMZ, your loadout and weapons usually stop working for 60 minutes. With these DMZ Pay to Win bundles, however, this time is cut down to just 15 minutes.

On top of that, each PW2 DMZ bundle comes with extra bonuses for players. One skin gives players a medium-sized backpack, which means they can carry more important items right away, which is important in DMZ.

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Free UAV gear comes with another skin. Then there’s a skin that comes with a bigger plate carrier (2-plate). Lastly, one of the DMZ Pay to Win skin bundles always starts with a free Self Revive equipped.

All of these are clear benefits for people who buy Bomb Squad Operator Bundles, as you can see. So, the sad thing is that we have to say that DMZ has become PW2.