Is Cal Wilson Related To Rebel Wilson ?

by Ekta

Is Cal Wilson Related To Rebel Wilson ? Sometimes, it seems like the world of celebrities is a bit like a puzzle, with pieces that may or may not fit together.

In this case, we’re going to talk about two talented individuals, Cal Wilson and Rebel Wilson, who share a surname but don’t share a family tree. Let’s dive into the story of these two stars who may have you wondering, “Are they related?”

Cal Wilson Kiwi Comedic Star

First, we have Cal Wilson, a stand-up comedian from New Zealand. She made people laugh with her fantastic comedic talent until she sadly passed away in 2023.

Cal was well-known in the comedy scene and had a successful career that left people in stitches. But when it comes to her family background, it’s a different story.

Cal Wilson’s parents are Graeme (her father) and Barbara (her mother), and she had two brothers named Richard and Sean. Her father was an engineer, and her mother worked as a primary school teacher. They formed the foundation of her life, helping her become the beloved comedian she was.

Rebel Wilson Australian Actress and Comedian

Now, let’s shift our attention to Rebel Wilson. She’s an Australian actress and comedian who has achieved significant success in the entertainment industry.

With a substantial net worth of over $22 million, Rebel’s star continues to rise. But when you look at her family background, it’s a different cast of characters.

Rebel Wilson’s parents are Sue Bounds and Jack Bounds, and she has three siblings: Liberty, Annaleise, and Ryot. Rebel’s family has been a part of her journey to stardom, but they aren’t the same family as Cal Wilson’s.

Is Cal Wilson Related To Rebel Wilson ?

What’s intriguing about this story is that Cal Wilson and Rebel Wilson share the same surname, yet they are not related in any familial way. Sometimes, surnames can be like a jigsaw puzzle piece that makes you think two people might be connected, but the truth is often more surprising.

While Cal Wilson and Rebel Wilson aren’t family, they each have their unique talents that they’ve shared with the world. Cal brought laughter to many as a stand-up comedian in New Zealand, while Rebel has made her mark in the acting and comedy scenes in Australia and beyond.

Their separate journeys are worth celebrating, even if they don’t share a family tree.


So, there you have it—Cal Wilson and Rebel Wilson may share a last name, but they don’t share family ties. They’ve both left their mark on the world in their own unique ways, bringing laughter and joy to countless people.

While the puzzle of surnames might occasionally surprise us, it’s the individual stories and talents that truly make these two stars shine.

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