Is Bts Jin Enlisting In Korean Military Service In 2022?

by Rajitha Reddy

When Will Bts Jin Enlist In Military Service? BTS Jin has canceled his request to delay his military service because BigHit Music said the member is ready to join in 2022.

The K-pop star will also release his solo single album at the end of October, before he joins the military.

When Will Bts Jin Enlist In Military Service?

When Will Bts Jin Enlist In Military Service?

BigHit Music, the group’s record label, says that Jin will join the Korean military at the end of this year. “Group member Jin will start the process as soon as his schedule for his solo release is done at the end of October,” the official statement said. He will then follow the rules set by the Korean government for joining the army.”

Bts Jin won The Fact Music Awards Fan N Star Choice Award

Jin from BTS recently made headlines when he won The Fact Music Awards Fan N Star Choice Award Individual in the 2022 ceremony.

Now, the K-pop star is putting out his first solo single album in October, right before he joins the army.

The Grammy-nominated K-pop star, who is 29 years old, gave fans a hint that he worked on the album with someone he looks up to.

Fans don’t know much about the mysterious collaboration, but one thing is certain: Jin’s solo album will break some records, just like his OST for Yours did when it became the most streamed song on the Global Shazam Chart.

Jin’s Military Discharge: How Long?

All Koreans who are healthy and able to work must serve in the military for 18 months. If Jin joins the military at the end of 2022, he or she should be out of the military by 2024.

BigHit Music says that BTS will get back together as a band by 2025. So more people will join like Jin did by the end of next year.

A fan said this about their enlistment schedule: “They will both be busy before they leave and after they get out. By the middle of 2024, Jin will be the only one left. There will be separate releases before then.”

Another fan said the same thing: “If Jin joins the army at the end of November this year, he won’t get out until the middle of 2024.”

No matter when Jin gets out of the military, BTS fans will be ready for their next chapter.

A sad fan wrote, “The end of Seokjin means more to me now. It was so real and also gave me hope. We will be there when you guys have another tour. I love you @BTS twt, JIN, WE WILL WAIT FOR YOU.”