Is Bondee App safe? Yes or No?

by Anchal Thakur

Is Bondee App safe? Bondee is a new social networking site made by the tech company Metadream in Singapore. Bondee is billed as a “next-generation” social app, and it lets users make their own 3D-animated avatars like those in Animal Crossing.

Bondee lets you change everything about your avatar, including how it looks, how it feels (through facial expressions and status updates), what it does for fun, and where it lives.

Bondee lets people talk to their friends and have their avatars do things like camping, swinging, dancing, sailing, and more. Your avatars can go to each other’s rooms and even leave notes.

What is Bondee & Who is behind Bondee?

Metadream, a tech company based in Singapore, makes Bondee. Metadream is a technology company that works on its own. In May of last year, it bought the intellectual property rights to was an app that laid the groundwork for what would become Bondee. The Metadream team spent the last six months making creative changes to before Bondee came out earlier this year.

Metadream is currently working on Bondee in Japan and South Korea, as well as in its office in Singapore. These countries are where the company does most of its product, research and development, and business work.

Metadream plans to set up new operation centers in Thailand and the Philippines to meet “the immediate needs of local users,” according to a press release.

(Metadream also runs three separate data centers in Singapore, Japan, and the United States.) Bondee’s official website also lists job openings in San Francisco and Seoul.

Is Bondee App safe?

On January 27, screenshots started to spread on social media that said Bondee was a “scam” and that users’ credit card information had been leaked and unapproved bank transfers had been made.

Bondee’s creator, Metadream, said in a statement the same day that the claims were “false and untrue” and that the app does not collect credit card information or other financial details. Metadream also said that it had “done a precautionary review” of its systems and that “our systems and our users’ personal data remain safe and secure.”