Is Apple care transferable to new owner? Here’s How?

by Rajitha Reddy

This article will explain how to give your AppleCare coverage to a new owner.

Look your apple care information

You will need information about your AppleCare plan first:

  1. Go to the My Support page for Apple.
  2. Click Sign in to My Support.
  3. You will need your Apple ID and password to sign in. If you are using your own Apple device, you can either click or tap Continue with Password or Use a different Apple ID. If you choose Continue with Password, you will use your Mac user password, Touch ID, or Face ID to prove who you are.
  4. Select your device.
  5. From the information about your AppleCare plan, you will need:
  6. The number of the AppleCare agreement.
  7. The serial number of your device.
  8. The proof that the AppleCare plan is valid.

Return Unused AppleCare or Transfer To A New Device


How do I transfer AppleCare to a new product?

Before you can give your AppleCare plan to someone else, you need to do a few things. You’ll need your AppleCare agreement number, the serial number of your device, and the receipt from when you bought it. On the My support page for Apple, you can find your AppleCare agreement number.

Do you have to buy AppleCare for each device?

No. It needs to be on its own. AppleCare+ can be bought with a new iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or iPod touch, or it can be bought within 60 days of buying the device (30 days in Japan).

Is AppleCare Linked to Serial Number?

Just look for the AppleCare number on your device. Under AppleCare+, the serial number of the device is: Usually, it’s on a page called “About” (Settings > General > About on iOS, Apple menu > About This Mac on macOS). The original sales slip for the device and AppleCare plan.

What is the difference between AppleCare and AppleCare+?

The standard AppleCare protection plan extends the warranty and phone support for Mac, Apple Displays, and Apple TV. In addition to the extended warranty and support, AppleCare+ covers accidental damage to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

Is Apple Plus Care worth it?

Overall, AppleCare reduces the stress and cost of accidental damage repairs or replacement devices and eliminates the cost of fixing broken hardware. However, it is an extra cost for coverage that still has some deductibles and limits on claims.

Can I get a refund on unused AppleCare?

If you cancel your AppleCare plan within 30 days of when you bought it, you’ll get a full refund, less the cost of any services already done.

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