iPhone location services not working: Solved

by Narendra

Several users have been reporting that iPhone location services not working properly. Here we have lined up solution that you can consider to solve this issue.

I had this trouble yesterday. I wanted to try a new place to eat. I opened the Apple Maps app on my iPhone, typed in the address, and tapped “Directions” and “Go” to get directions. Then I realized that the location services on my iPhone weren’t working. This means that Maps couldn’t figure out where I was exactly. Apple Maps didn’t keep track of where I was as I moved. Also, the navigation wasn’t right. It didn’t show the right places. I thought that my phone’s location services were off. But it wasn’t, because when I opened the Google Maps app, the navigation worked fine.

Some users have also said they are having the same issue. Some people have also said that Apple Maps stopped working after they updated their iOS to the most recent version.

Why is location not working on iPhone?

Are you also having this trouble? This article tells you how to fix simple problems with Maps and GPS location. You can do the following:

1: Check to see if Location Services is turned on. Click on Settings, then Privacy, then Location Services.

If it’s on, try turning Location Services off and on again. Turn Location Services off, wait a few seconds, and then turn it on again.

2: Make sure that “while using” is selected for Maps by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Maps.

3: Restarting your iPhone might fix this problem, so give it a try.

4: Check to see if Cellular Data is turned on. Go to Cellular > Settings
5: Make sure that Maps can use location services. To use cellular data, you just need to go to Settings > Cellular, scroll down, and make sure that Maps is turned on.

6: Go to Settings and turn on Airplane Mode. After about ten seconds, turn off Airplane Mode.

7: Go to Settings > General > Date & Time and make sure your time zone is set correctly. You may also want to turn on “Set Automatically.”
Take off the Apple Maps app and put it back on. This is a very easy thing to do. Tap and hold the Maps app until you see the (x) icon. Tap the (x) icon to get rid of the app. Now open the app for the App Store. Look for the Maps app, find it, and tap the icon that looks like a wrench to download and install it.

9: Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings to reset your network settings. Please keep in mind that this will reset all of your network settings, such as your Wi-Fi passwords and so on.

10: Reset Privacy and Location. Just go to Settings, then General, then Reset, and then Reset Location & Privacy.

Wrapping up: iPhone location services not working

So these were the some reasons and solutions to fix the location services on my iPhone . I hope now your issue is solved completely. And now you can happily enjoy your iPhone.

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