iPhone Camera Not Working, Showing Black Screen

by Narendra

Several users have been reporting that the iPhone camera not working, showing a black screen when they are trying to click pictures. This issue happening on both rear and front cameras. Moreover, not only built-in iPhone camera not working or showing black screen but also the third party apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp, or Instagram are not able to use the iPhone camera.

There are several reasons that iPhone camera not working properly like camera app has bugs, corrupt software or third party app blocking or any other. No worry here in this article we have lined up some of the worked solutions to iPhone camera not working showing black screen that you can try and solve this error completely.

1. Restart iPhone

The very first thing to solve the issue of iPhone camera not working is by restarting your iPhone device. To do you have to go to the iPhone settings >> General >> Shut Down. After that to turn it on hold the side or top button.

Now as the iPhone is turned on completely then open the camera app and see is it working now! If not then follow the second method.

2. Update Device

The major issue found on iPhone like camera showing black screen and not capturing photos is due to the bugs which you can solve by updating the iPhone device. Follow the steps to update the iPhone software correctly.

Step: 1 First go to the settings >> General >> Software update

Step: 2 Now check is there any latest update you have to download if yes then install it.

Step: 3 After updating the device, restart the device and then check if camera app working fine or not.

3. Restart the Camera App

Restarting the camera app several times repeatably can also solve the problem to do you just have to press home button >> Swipe up >> look for camera app in your recent apps >> Swipe up to remove it from the recent list.

That’s it now open the camera app is it working now?

4. Install third party Camera app

If still camera not working then I’d recommend you to install the camera app from the app store and check is working or not. If the third-party camera app is working on iPhone that means the inbuilt camera app has a bug which is solved by updating the iPhone.

5. Remove Blocking

Sometimes several apps stop the camera app to perform well, for that here I’d recommend you to uninstall the recent apps that you install on your iPhone. That might be causing an error in your iPhone camera.

6. Reset Settings

If nothing works then reset the iPhone settings this will reset the settings like location, camera, network, and many more to by default. No worry this will not erase your iPhone data. To reset iPhone settings you have to follow below steps:

Step: 1 Open iPhone settings >> General >> Transfer or reset iPhone.

Step: 2 Click on reset >> Reset all settings.

You can also reset location and privacy plus network settings.

7. Apple Care

If still nothing changes in iPhone camera then I’d recommend you to contact apple support. That might be a hardware-related problem.

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