Internal Parts Of Smartphones & Their Uses

by Narendra

Hey, are you curious to know about your smartphone’s internal parts and there Uses??

Yes, then Read On.

From the past many years we all are using our smartphones whether its an android, iPhone or any keypad cell phones, every device has various hidden and interesting internal parts through which your smartphones working wether its a speaker, display or wifi and of course many more small hidden components. For that to know about the internal mobile parts which run your device here in this article I will be going to tell you the complete information of those electronic components.

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Internal Parts (Components) Of Mobile Phone

1. PCB (Printed Circuit Board)

Here is the main Printed board on the smartphone in which all the electronic circuits, connectors, wires are connected through which the mobile is working.

2. Antenna

An antenna is a small component that has work to catch your mobile network frequency.

3. LED (Light Emitting Diode)

LED is the component that produces light in Mobile phones.

4. Vibrator

Vibration in mobile is done by this small component “vibrator”.

5. Network ICs

Network ICs is an electronic component which is responsible for your mobile network.

6. RAM (Random Access Memory)

RAM of mobile is responsible to store recent data to rewrite, and fastly send back to the user whenever it needed.

7. ROM

ROM basically internal memory storage in which you can store data, files.

8. RX Filter

RX Filter is the component that is used to filter network frequency during an incoming call.

9. TX Filter

TX Filter is the component that is used to filter the network frequency of outgoing calls of mobile.

10. Power ICs

Power ICs basically a small electronic component that is responsible for power management that has a function to send and receive power to various ICs and mobile components.

11. Flash ICs

Flash ICs is a component which is responsible for all your mobile internal software and programs, Flash ICs manages software related work in mobile.

12. Logic ICs

Here are another small component which is responsible for any defect occurring in a ringer, LED and vibrator, you can say that it manages all these three components.

13. Charging ICs

As the name suggests charging, which is basically a component that manages the charging of the phone.

14. RTC (Real Time Clock)

With this RTC internal component, it manages the date and time of mobile correctly.

15. Audio ICs

Audio IC component manages and controls the microphone and speakers of mobile.

16. CPU (Central Processing Unit)

CPU is the major big component in mobile which had the power to manage all the other components.

17. MHz Crystal Oscillator 

Here is the component which is responsible and helps to create accurate frequency for your outgoing call.

18. RF IC

RF IC has a function to manages all radio & video waves coming to mobile, you can say that it works as a transmitter and receiver of waves.

Wrapping Up: Internal Parts of Mobile Phone

These are the main components which are responsible to run a mobile phone if any of these are having defect it can be replaced easily with the help of repairing tools, in the mobile, there are also many more very small internal and external components are there, so stay tuned for more updates.

Is there any doubt you have regarding these mobile components then feel free to comment below.

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