Instagram comment failed to post

by Narendra

Everything works well, Until get error “instagram comment failed to post“.

Frustrating situation ? Yes!

If you like I am who usually not post comment/reply to instagram videos but sometimes do and get an error that your comment failed to show or post, I know it’s quite irritating, it happens due to instagram bug or your smartphone, PC causes an error, there might be a plethora of reasons that your comment failed to post, But don’t worry anymore! Here in this post, we list out various ways to fix your issue completely, whether it happens in mobile, laptop, or Mac. So no further ado let’s begin.

Instagram Comment Failed To Post

Disable Ad Blocker

No doubt, ads are the most annoying thing that we see on instagram, but blocking it by using third party apps might cause multiple errors on instagram, In which failed to comment is one of these. So here I recommend you to uninstall ad blocker and then try to comment on instagram video it might work most of the time. If you still getting an error while replying then check out next solution.

Disable VPN

Most of us are using VPN to secure our network from spying eyes or ISP. but sometimes using VPN might causes errors on applications like instagram, due to changes in IP address and location server get confused and that result while commenting on instagram video failed. So here I suggest you to try disable VPN and again check is your instagram comment is working fine or not. If still getting error then check next way.

Clean Cache & Data

Cleaning cache and data of smartphones is the most common problem solution that most of the time work to fix any type of issue that apps occur. So here also we suggest you to clean your instagram app cache and data and restart the app and see its works fine or not.

To clean instagram app follow below steps correctly

Step: 1 Firstly, go to device settings and scroll down and look for apps option.

Step: 2 In “Apps” option now search for instagram app, and click on it.

Step: 3 Now go to storage option and clean cache & data of instagram.

I hope this solution works for you.

Update Or Reinstall instagram

If you didn’t update instagram from months, then it might cause an issue, instagram provides us a regular update of app to remove bugs and issues. But sometimes we forget to update and that result we have to face issues like comment not post error, So here you have two options either update instagram or reinstall it to get the latest.

instagram Block You ?

instagram bots often looking for spam comments and users who break instagram community guidelines & policy while comment on videos, So blocking from instagram is also the major reason that you will not able to comment on instagramrs videos. So for that here I suggest you to send a request to instagram to unblock your account or if your account doesn’t blocked yet then try to comment on post under guidelines.

Change instagram

If you don’t want to deal with this error anymore and want a quick solution for this without tinkering with a smartphone then I recommend you to change your instagram app to instagram vanced apk that is a crack application of instagram premium where you will get all the premium features of instagram in free of cost. Apart from that, it’s a safe application for android and iPhone users you should use.

That result your instagram comment failed to post error will be solved completely, without looking to any other solution. In case you don’t want to install a new instagram app and want a solution for the old one then check out next way below.

Solution For Desktop User

Remove Browser Extension

No doubt, browser extension makes our work easier but sometimes bad or corrupt extension also causes error in the browser, for instance, ad blocker for instagram, it basically removes loads of scripts and data to clean ads, and most of time it causes errors. So here I suggest you to remove all your browser extension temporary to check is your comment failed error solved or not.

Clean browser old Files

To provide great user experience, browsers collect data and cookies to serve you when you visit site next time. But we forget that old cookies files and data might also cause an error in the browser, due to corrupt cookies data included. So here we recommend you to clean your browser cookies and data files from all time. And check out is your problem solved?

To Clean Browser Cookies Follow Below Steps:

Step: 1 Go to browser Settings by click on top right side three dots.

Step: 2 Now In privacy and security tab, you will see option of “clean browsing data” Click on it.

Step: 3 After that, just tick all the options and change time range to all time >> then hit clear data.

That’s all you have to do now restart your web browser and check your instagram comment issue solved or not.

Incognito Mode & Change Email

If any above ways didn’t work for you then I recommend you to log in your instagram account with a different email and open in incognito mode. If your comment failed issue is due to email or browser then after this method your issue would be solved completely. So go and try this way.

Wrapping Up: instagram Comment Failed To Post

So above were the different ways to solve your issue, for both smartphone and windows user. If you still getting error then let us know in the comment section. We would be happy if you tell us which way it worked for you feel free to write below.