Solved: In-App Purchases Not Working on Android

by Narendra

Several android users reported that while making in-app purchases they are getting either payment declined error or in-app purchases not working at all. This issue happens on android app & while purchasing apps on google play store.

No worry, here in this guide we will walk you through the solution to fix the in app purchases failing on android that happens due to incorrect settings, payment methods, or other issue smartphone have. Check out these solutions that might solve in-app purchase errors fast.

1. Delete App Data, Cache And Storage

The very first thing that you should have to do is clear the cache, data, and storage if there is no loss of files. Thus, you’ll get a fresh app in which you can log in to your account and start purchasing your desired app.

To clear cache, data, and storage you have to follow some steps on android mobile.

1. First you have to open settings and go to app menus.

2. Now select the app in which you are getting an app purchase error.

3. Then you’ll see storage and cache option, select and clear cache and storage to remove all old bad files.

4. Restart your application, login with I’d and here you go.

I hope these proper steps will solve your paid app purchase error.

2. Check Internet Speed

Sometimes the app and payment method works well but due to poor internet connectivity in-app purchases show errors on android. For that, here we recommend you to check one more time whether your internet connection delivers proper speed or not.

3. Disable Adblocker & VPN

No of in-app purchase on android issue was solved by just disabling the app ad blocker and VPN. Most of us try to purchase other country apps by using VPN and that result this problem arises. So if you are one who uses VPN and adblocker then disable it and try again. We hope your issue is solved completely.

4. Check Date and Time

Date and time is another factor that some apps are not able to complete the payment and show the error of in-app purchase, correct date and time ensure that the device is genuine. So check your date & time if it’s not correct then follow these steps to correct it.

1. First you have to open settings and look for date and time option.

2. As you click on it you’ll see some options regarding date and time where I’d recommend you to turn automatic time zone and use network provide time to automatically correct as of your location.

5. OTP Problem

While doing payment of item purchase the app might send OTP to complete payment but unfortunately due to server error, this process is not done perfectly and cause an error. I’d recommend you to restart your device plus wait for some hours and try again this issue might solve without any other effort.

6. Funds

Are you sure you have enough funds in your paying bank account? If confused then first take a look at your bank balance sometimes insufficient funds cause an in app purchase error.

7.  Payment Method

Payment method added credit, and debit card might be occurring the in-app purchase error on android. Here I’d recommend you to check your added credit or debit card that is not expired and working well with app to purchase subscription.

Furthermore, some apps do not support automatic subscriptions so you have to do it manually. Plus check if your card supports this type of payment or not.

8. Payment Completed

If you have already proceeded with payment then wait for some hours to purchase complete, it will automatically show in your app. For confirmation that app purchase is completed or not you have to visit history. In-play store you can check history by opening the payments and subscription option then clicking on budget and history to see the matter.

9. Contact the App Developer

If above methods don’t work for you to solve in app purchase error on android smartphones then, contact to app developer and report your problem to them. To do that, you just have to visit the footer of app page where you will get developer email I’d & website to contact and tell your problem.

10. Change Mail Id, Restart

If nothing works in your case then change your mail Id, clean everything regarding that app, and begin one more time. This method might get work for you to install that paid application without any error.

Wrap Up: In app purchase error solved on android

These were some of the important methods that surely solve your in-app purchase error on your mobile if still, you’re getting errors then I’d recommend you to contact play store customer support. Or try again after some time.

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