I Came By’s Ending And Hector’s Murderous Deeds Explained

by Anchal Thakur

I Came By’s Ending And Hector’s Murderous Deeds Explained: I Came By, Netflix’s newest thriller, may not look like much at first, but it has a star-studded cast of British actors, including George MacKay from 1917, Kelly Macdonald from Line of Duty and Brave, and Hugh Bonneville from Downton Abbey and Paddington. It’s shaping up to be a must-watch.

The movie is about a rebellious graffiti artist named Toby who wants to expose the wrongdoings of London’s rich and powerful. His latest target, a retired judge named Hector Blake, has a secret that no one would believe.

I Came By’s Ending And Hector’s Murderous Deeds Explained

Toby puts himself in a lot of danger to find out what Hector is up to, but what happens to him at the end of I Came By? We’ll tell you all about the movie’s exciting twists and turns.

I Came By’s Ending And Hector’s Murderous Deeds Explained

After Toby and Lizzie went missing while looking into Hector Blake, Toby’s friend and fellow graffiti artist Jay is inspired to finally do something. For most of the movie, he stayed out of the way because he was taking care of a new baby.

After Lizzie goes missing, he looks into Hector’s house. When he gets there, he finds that the judge has vanished and quickly put the house up for sale.

That seems to be the end of it, but Jay’s girlfriend Naz tells him that Hector will be at the upcoming tercentenary event at her school, so Jay follows him to his new house in the country.

He sneaks into Hector’s house and beats up the murderous judge. He finds out that Hector set up another secret room in the garage of his new house, where he finds another unfortunate prisoner.

When the police get there, they find Hector tied up and ready to be arrested. Jay has written “I Came By” with Toby’s tag on the wall.

I Came By’s Ending And Hector’s Murderous

When he tells Omid that his father took a young Parsi helper named Ravi under his wing, Hector explains why he has been killing so many people.

Hector’s father eventually let Ravi move in with the family and slept with him, which drove Hector’s mother to kill herself after she was sent to the guest room.

Hector, on the other hand, was sent to boarding school. He was very angry that Ravi had replaced him and his mother, so when he came home for the summer, he attacked Ravi and almost killed him.

The judge tells Omid that the experience was very freeing and empowering and that it seems to have brought out his murderous side.

What Happens To Toby In I Came By?

Toby’s plan to free the secret prisoner backfires when Hector Blake comes home. Hector knew something was wrong after Toby broke into his house the first time.

Hector checks out his hidden room while Toby gets ready to surprise him. However, Toby slips on a puddle on the floor, which gives Hector the chance to attack him with a cricket bat.

After this, Toby is never seen again, which makes his mother, Lizzie, start looking into what happened to her son.

When she finds out that Toby was looking into Hector before he went missing, she starts to watch the judge’s house. Her suspicions are raised even more when Omid, an Iranian masseur that Hector had invited over, is seen running from the window, saying that Hector had spiked his drink.

Lizzie breaks into the house in a last-ditch effort to find out what happened to her son. She is caught by Hector, who tells her that he flushed Toby’s ashes down the toilet after burning his body in the kiln in his basement. He then did the same thing to Lizzie and Omid, whom he had managed to catch.