How to write messages with emoji in Elden Ring

by Rajitha Reddy

Here is the complete details of How to write messages with emoji in Elden Ring

Elden Ring allows you to send messages to other players and provide them with important information about the game’s upcoming events. Messages with a ghost or emote attached tend to be more effective at conveying the message’s intent. Here’s how to use emoji in Elden Ring to send messages.

How do you emote with text Elden Ring?

In Elden Ring, you can change the format of a message you’re writing by pressing Y or Triangle on your controller or F on a PC while you’re writing it. You can now write longer messages or add emoji.

You can also do both: write a longer message and add an emoji or gesture for anyone who reads it. Press the Y, Triangle, or F key a third time to do this. The game will show a second set of blanks and the option to use an emoji.

You can write messages to let other players know about ambushes or to show them where to go. Or you can just write something funny to cheer them up or make them laugh.

How to write messages in Elden Ring

How do Elden Ring messages work?

As an Appraisal, a player who reads a message can rate it as Good or Bad. When a message is rated Good, the person who wrote it gets free health equal to 1 Flask of Crimson Tears. A player can see Good and Bad ratings on their own messages, but other players’ messages only show the number of Appraisals.

How do you get Elden Ring gesture?

In Elden Ring, you can do gestures by opening the menu, using the action button to move to the slots on the bottom right, and then choosing one.

Where do I use Elden Ring gestures?

Now that we know what Elden Ring Gestures are, let’s look at how players can use them. To use a Gesture, open your menu and choose the Gestures section on the right bottom of the screen. You should be able to move the cursor to the Gesture you want by using the D-pad.

How do you emote with text Elden Ring?

You just need to go to your Menus Page. You can see it by pressing the ESC key on a PC, the Options button on a PS, or the Menu button on an Xbox. When that opens, a Gestures Menu will appear on the right side of the screen. Move your mouse over the Gesture you want to use, and then use the Gesture in Elden Ring.