How to Watch Twitch and YouTube Streams Together

by Narendra

If you have been searching for how to watch twitch and youtube streams at the same time then odds are high that both on both platforms your favorite streamer started streaming but there is no way to watch it together unless using a second laptop or mobile. Right?

No worry, on the market there are some very good platforms that allows users to watch both twitch & youtube streams together. Did I tell you up to four live streams from different platforms you can watch together. Like Facebook, youtube, twitch, Twitter, and more. So what’re we waiting for let’s get started!

1. Rare Drop Multi

Here is the first best website through which you can start twitch and youtube streaming together free of cost. The process to do is pretty simple you just have to visit rare drop multi website where on top you see options to enter username which is the channel name of that youtube streamer or twitch streamer. Enter that with select youtube or twitch or any other.

Rare Drop Multi

Now after you have done that now click on build a multi, you’ll redirect to multi-streaming page where it automatically adjust the layout and that’s it now enjoy watching both live streamings on one page without worrying about anything. You can also add more live streaming channels from any platform you want by following same process.

2. Twitch Theater

Twitch theater is another fantastic platform where you can watch two different platforms like twitch and youtube live streaming together with a few clicks. The good thing about this platform is that you can also add or leave live chat on-screen plus a simple and fast user interface make it popular to watch streaming together.

Twitch Theater

Moreover, the features that I liked the most is it has settings to customize as you want like dark mode, set video quality we prefer, allow chat or not, padding, and more.

To open different live streaming to the platform you just have to visit Twitch theater website. Now copy and paste the streaming video link one by one and it automatically adjusts the layout. That’s it.

Now you’ll be able to watch and customize video streaming as you want. Did I tell you here you can add up to 8 streams from different platforms?

Wrap Up: Watch Twitch and YouTube Streams Together

These were the two best ways to Watch Twitch and YouTube Streams Together without paying a single penny. Both platform provides great performance plus features. So now enjoy twitch and youtube streams both at the same time.

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