How To Watch The Sidemen Charity Match

by Rajitha Reddy

How To Watch The Sidemen Charity Match : After four years, the Sidemen Charity Match is back today (Sept. 24), and it’s going to be bigger than ever.

It starts at 3 p.m. at The Valley Stadium in south east London. This is the same place it has been for the past few years and is where the FA Cup team Charlton Athletic plays.

The game is sold out, so you won’t be able to get tickets at the last minute, but you can watch it live at home.

How To Watch The Sidemen Charity Match

Anyone in the world can watch the whole game for free at home.

All you have to do is go to the Sidemen YouTube channel, which has 16.5 million subscribers. You don’t have to sign up or pay to watch.

How To Watch The Sidemen Charity Match

The stream will begin at 2 p.m., so you’ll have an hour to chat and watch extra content before the game starts at 3 p.m.

All you are required to do is click on this stream, that will start at 2:00. Stephen Tries and Spencer FC, who are both on YouTube, will talk about it.

Below is the full schedule. Scroll to the right to see the online times:

How To donate in The Sidemen Charity Match

This year, the charity match, which sold out, is raising money for four different groups in the UK.

This includes Rays of Sunshine (10%), Teenage Cancer Trust (40%), Campaign Against Living Miserably (40%) and M7E (10%).

Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) runs a free, anonymous, and confidential helpline where people who are struggling or in crisis can get help and advice.

Teenage Cancer Trust is a charity that helps young people ages 13–24 who have cancer. Their goal is to make their cancer experience better.

Rays of Sunshine helps seriously ill children in the UK between the ages of 3 and 18 by making their wishes come true and giving them ongoing support.

Lastly, M7 Education (M7E) gives free, curriculum-based experiences to schools with a lot of underprivileged and pupil premium children.

Here is the official Sidemen FC site where you can give money.

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