How to View Challenges After Level 25 in MW3?

by Ami Dalsania

Here is the complete guide of How to View Challenges After Level 25 in MW3? As you progress through the intense world of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3), a unique challenge surfaces once you hit level 25. The Armory system takes the spotlight, making it seemingly tricky for players to access their challenges.

Fear not, as this guide unfolds a savvy workaround, ensuring that challenges remain visible and achievable even after reaching the milestone level.

How to Navigate Challenges After Level 25

Discovering challenges post-level 25 in MW3 involves a strategic approach. Follow these steps to keep tabs on your objectives:

1. Button Combination

Execute the following button combination based on your gaming platform:

  • Xbox: Press RB, LB, and Y simultaneously.
  • PlayStation: Press L1, R1, and Triangle simultaneously.

This combination unveils challenges beyond level 25, letting you plan and conquer your objectives.

2. In-Match Pause

When in the heat of a match, utilize the in-match pause feature. Follow these steps:

  • Pause the game.
  • Navigate to the pause menu.
  • Browse through your current challenges while still immersed in the action.

3. Launcher Menu (PC)

For PC players, access challenges through the Launcher Menu:

  • Locate the Launcher Menu in the upper right corner (identified by a button with six squares or press F1).
  • Click on the Achievements button within the menu to reveal all challenges.

Additional Information

  • The standard “View all challenges” button in the lobby succumbs to the Armory system after hitting level 25.
  • The provided button combination serves as a nifty workaround to regain access to challenges.
  • Future updates from developers may address this design quirk, but the workaround stands as an effective solution for now.
  • On PC, the Launcher Menu provides a dedicated Achievements button, ensuring the continued visibility of challenges despite Armory upgrades.


While the Armory system in MW3 attempts to shroud challenges post-level 25, this guide equips you with clever workarounds. Whether it’s the button combination, in-match pause, or the PC-exclusive Launcher Menu, your challenges remain within reach, ready to be conquered. Feel free to share any additional tips or updates in the comments, ensuring that the gaming community stays one step ahead in navigating the challenges of MW3.

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