How To Use Soap In BG3? Steps

by Sourabh

How To Use Soap In BG3? Baldur’s Gate 3 has always been an adventure filled with epic battles, gruesome foes, and characters that find themselves in a constant state of turmoil.

Until recently, there was no easy way for players to keep their characters clean amidst all the grime, blood, and foul odors that accumulate during their journeys.

However, with the introduction of patch 4, a game-changing feature has been added to the mix: soap and sponges! This exciting addition has created quite a buzz among players who can now enjoy a novel way to maintain the hygiene of their in-game heroes.

Step 1: Acquire Multiple Soaps

To embark on your cleaning quest, you’ll first need to amass a stockpile of soap bars. A single soap bar won’t get you very far, so be sure to collect multiple bars and add them to your inventory. It’s always a good idea to be prepared, as cleanliness is the first step to health and happiness in the world of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Step 2: Split The Stack

Once you’ve managed to gather several soap bars, they will stack neatly in your inventory. However, before you can put them to good use, you’ll need to split the stack. To do this, right-click on the stack of soap bars and select “Split Stack.” This action will divide the stack into individual soap bars, making them ready for use.

Step 3: Clean Your Characters

Now comes the fun part! With your stack of soap bars properly split, it’s time to get down to the business of cleaning. Right-click on one of the soap bars and select the character you wish to clean. As if by magic, your character will take the soap and start scrubbing away all the grime, blood, and unpleasant odors they’ve collected during their adventures.

Where to Find Soap and Sponges

In the vast world of Baldur’s Gate 3, soap can be found in various locations. Here are some key places to look:

1. Mattis’ Store: Need to stock up on soap? Visit Mattis, a vendor you’re likely to encounter during your adventures. You can purchase soap from his store to ensure you’re always well-prepared for cleanliness.

2. Walkeen’s Rest: Soap bars can also be discovered in Walkeen’s Rest, making it a convenient spot to pick up some cleaning supplies.

3. Last Light Inn: In Act 2 of the game, you can find soap bars near a water spout in Dammon at the Last Light Inn. This is a great location to refresh your inventory.

4. Shadowheart: Your companions can come to the rescue! You can obtain soap bars from the inventory of one of your trusted allies, Shadowheart.

5. House of Healing: Sponges can be found at the House of Healing, and soap is located near Art Cullagh’s bed. These are crucial spots to consider when seeking cleaning supplies.

6. Cazador’s Palace: For those in need of soap and perhaps a little more, Cazador’s Palace offers soap bars in the spawn bathroom. Explore the other rooms, and you may come across additional sponges or soap bars to bolster your inventory.

7. Bonecloak’s Shop: A visit to Bonecloak’s shop can be quite rewarding. Head upstairs to find soap and sponge bars in the bathroom.

8. Elerrathin’s Home: If you find yourself near Elerrathin’s home, you’re in luck. There, you can locate two soap bars and a sponge to keep your characters in pristine condition.

With the introduction of soap and sponges in Baldur’s Gate 3, the game has taken a significant step forward in providing an authentic and convenient way for players to keep their characters clean and refreshed.

No longer will your heroes need to endure the unpleasant consequences of their adventures, as cleanliness is now within easy reach.

So, dive back into the world of Baldur’s Gate 3, knowing that you can maintain the hygiene of your characters as you embark on epic quests and thrilling battles.

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