How to Use Blue Access Card and Red Access Card in DMZ

by Narendra

How to Use Blue Access Card and Red Access Card in DMZ: The update for Warzone 2 Season 1 Reloaded is now available. And for DMZ, the update is mostly about fixing bugs and making the game better.

But there are also Red Access Cards and Blue Access Cards that no one knows much about. This guide tells you what they open and where to find the “security room near the Data Centar” in DMZ.

How to Use Blue Access Card and Red Access Card in  in DMZ

Even though it isn’t certain, these Access Cards can’t be used yet. That’s because they probably open different doors in Building 21, which will soon be added as a new area and map to DMZ.

When it goes live, you will need the Building 21 Keycard to choose it from the main menu. “Belongs to DRC security staff” is written on the DMZ Blue Access Card. “Defense Research Center,” which is what Building 21 is, is shortened to “DRC.”

So, only on the new map will you be able to use the Blue Access Card in the DMZ. Once the new map is out, this card will let you into the “security room near the Data Centar.”

The Red Access Card is the same. This one, too, can be found in different places all over Al Mazrah. What the DMZ Red Access Card lets you do is not in Al Mazrah, but on the new map of Building 21.

Reddit user BrobiWanKinobe says, “In Tarkov, if you had a Labs Keycard, you could go to the Labs map when you deployed.” “Inside that map are locked rooms with the best items in the game.

To open the doors, you need coloured keycards.” If my guess is right, it looks like Call of Duty did a direct port.”

For now, this is all we know about the DMZ Blue Access Card and the DMZ Red Access Card. When we find out more about the “security room near the Data Center,” we will make sure to update the article. Be ready when the map of Building 21 is made available.