How to Upload Images to Imgur On Desktop and Mobile

by Sourabh

Being one of the popular image hosting platforms users keep posting trending images & videos to entertain the community, Furthermore, Imgur is also used to share images on Reddit, Twitter, websites, and more. The good thing is Imgur is free of cost platform where you can easily share images with community without even having an account on it. Although you can’t edit that pictures and did I tell you Imgur supports almost every file format. Pretty good right?

So, if you’re also interested to share images with an engaging community of Imgur then here are ways through which can upload images to Imgur on desktop and mobile. So no further ado let’s begin.

How to upload Images to Imgur on Desktop

Step: 1 Firstly, you have to visit Imgur platform where you can create an account for more access to features.

Step: 2 Now after you created an account now on the top left corner you’ll see new post option, click on that.

Step: 3 New pop-up window will open here either drop your image to share or paste image URL.

Step: 4 After that, now give it an attractive description, tags, and title of image. That’s it now click on to community option to share it with imgur users or get link to share it on Reddit or other platforms.

How to Upload Images to Imgur On Android & iOS device

Step: 1 To upload pictures to Imgur through a smartphone you have to download Imgur app for better UI, Imgur app is available to both platform android and iOS.

Step: 2 Now open app and click on plus (+) icon at mid-bottom, give permission to access of storage, and then select photo you want to share on Imgur.

Step: 3 After that, give post title to viral the image plus don’t forget to add description, Now with top right corner button of upload, you can share this image to Imgur community.

Aside from that, here you can also upload bulk of images you want plus grab links if you want to share on other platforms. Note that, before posting make that image public from hidden.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Imgur links are safe and secure although if you share links to public community or other platforms then anyone using that link can access to see your shared image. Other than that, imgur is safe and popular platform.

2. Is imgur free to use ?

Yes, Imgur is free to use plus if you want to post an image anonymously then you can also do it here. Without any price. Although Imgur is not a ad-free site but by paying $5 per month you can remove it.

3. Can we Upload Videos on Imgur?

Yes, of course, imgur is an image and video sharing platform but make sure video size should be less than 1GB.

Wrap Up: How to Upload Pictures to Imgur on Desktop and Mobile

These were the step-by-step procedure to upload images to Imgur by using laptop and smartphone. Imgur platform comes with very supportive community where they like, upvote, and share images to make them viral. So what are you waiting for go and viral your pictures on Imgur.

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