How to Unlock Vanarana and Sumeru Tree of Dreams to offer Dendro Sigils?

by Kirti Rajput

How to Unlock Vanarana and Sumeru Tree of Dreams: Impact of the Tree of Dreams in Genshin Sumeru update, or Sumeru tree as it is more commonly known, is where you give Dendro sigils.

To get to it, you must first unlock the region it is in. It looks like the Sacred Sakura Tree that we saw in the Inazuma area.

As soon as you enter the new zone, you’ll notice that most of the sub-zones are active, but one part of the map is dark. If you go there, you will see that there is nothing to do.

Before you can go to Vanarana, you’ll have to complete two long chains of quests.

There is also the Sumeru tree there, and that is where you go to give Dendro Sigils.

We made this short guide to help you unlock the Sumeru tree of Dreams in the Genshin Impact 3.0 update.

How to Unlock Sumeru Tree of Dreams Genshin Impact 3.0

You have to finish two quests before you can get to the Sumeru tree.

The key is to figure out where and how they begin. Rana’s questline is the first thing you have to do.

You can figure out where it starts by looking at the map below.

Trees and Dreams quest start location map

You’ll begin “Aranyaka: Part I” after talking to saving and talking to Rana. This is a long chain of quests. You’ll have to clear out withering zones, go to Vimara Village, save kids, and do all the other things heroes do.

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As part of “Aranyaka: Part II,” you will be sent to Vanarana to help Aranara. You can even go to the Sumeru tree, but it won’t work until you finish the questline.

During the quest The World of Aranara, if you help Aranara, you get a book called Aranyaka that tells about your adventures with Aranara.

Even better, you get two new quests. “Trees and Dreams” is the name of one of them, and you need to make it your active quest.

You’ll find it in your quest log under World Quests. Trees and Dreams takes you to the Sumeru Tree of Dreams, where you can trade valuable materials for Dendro Sigils.

For each level of the Sumeru tree, you’ll get materials for upgrades and pieces for making weapons and other gear.