How to Unlock Sumeru Underwater Teleport Waypoint & Domain Genshin Impact 3.0

by Ami Dalsania

How to Unlock Sumeru Underwater Teleport Waypoint & Domain Genshin Impact 3.0: Genshin Impact 3.0 added a lot of new content, including an underwater teleport waypoint in Sumeru Vissudha Field and a domain nearby called Fragment of Childhood Dreams.

Domain is under the mountain, and you can’t get there in a normal way. The Sumeru waypoint teleport can’t be reached either because it’s underwater.

How to get to both of these is a real puzzle. Another thing they have in common is that you can’t get to the domain until you solve the puzzle at the underwater waypoint.

In Genshin Impact 3.0, we’ll try to explain how to solve the underwater teleport waypoint puzzle for Sumeru and open the road to the Fragment of Childhood Dreams domain.

How to Unlock Sumeru Underwater Teleport Waypoint

The Sumeru underwater teleport waypoint is in Vissudha Field, west of Sumeru City and the Statue of the Seven. You have to solve this before you can go to the Fragment of Childhood Dreams domain.

You’ll see an icon showing that there’s a waypoint in a water-filled chasm, but you can’t dive down to it. There’s a part you have to turn on first.

As you enter the chasm for the first time, you should see a small waterfall below you. On a ledge above the waterfall is the first cube mechanism and a seelie.

Two ruin sentinels stand next to it. Once you beat them, you’ll be able to use the cube’s mechanism. After that, follow the seelie across the water and into the cave.

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You can keep swimming after the seelie as long as you eat the stamina flowers you find along the way.

Now important part

Once inside the cave, use a Dendro character to destroy the rock that is wrapped in vines. The Dendrograna will be shown. You have to use a charged attack while the Dendrograna buff is on you to destroy special Dendro rocks and turn on totems.

If your character uses a bow, you have to use the charged aimed shot. You need to put four Dendro totems into action. First is near where the seelie’s journey inside a rock came to an end.

First, use a charged attack to break the rock. Then, turn on the totem. Go back to the Dendrograma and climb up towards the east.

In an alcove, you should see another totem. If you go back west, you should see a rock that Dendro can break. It is mostly north of the Dendrograna and above it.


The last Dendro totem is behind an energy field that doesn’t seem to be easy to get around.

Go to the left of the energy barrier and use the totem to climb up the left wall of the chamber. A four-leaf sigil can help you get up quickly.

Since there is no roof, you can just drop in and turn on the totem. This will make it easier to pass. Now go back to the mechanism on the cube, which should now be open.

You are now on your way to the Fragment of Childhood Dreams domain.

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How To Unlock Fragment Of Childhood Dreams Domain In Genshin Impact 3.0?

After you solved the totem puzzle and used the previous cube mechanism, the water level dropped all the way.

You can now glide down to the floor of the chasm, where several sentinels of the ruin are waiting. After you beat them, you will be able to use the last cube mechanism.

This opens a stone door that leads to a tunnel. Follow it until you get to a big hole in the ground.

Slowly move into it, and the entrance to the domain should be on your left. You’ll see a Dendrograna if you slide down to it.

Use the buff and shoot the green flying Dendro object right across from the entrance to the domain. It will make another sigil fly. This one needs to be hit as it moves.

At the end of the pillar, it stops for a short time. This is where you should shoot it. You can get into the Fragment of Childhood Dreams domain once you hit it with a Dendro Aimed shot.