How to Unlock Room 302 in Sawah Hotel DMZ MW2

by Narendra

How to Unlock Room 302 in Sawah Hotel DMZ MW2: Not sure how to get into Room 302 of the Sawah Hotel in MW2’s DMZ mode for the “Good Fortune” mission? We’ll take care of you! “Good Fortune” is a Legion faction Tier 3 mission that asks players to “Unlock Room 302 on the top floor of the Sawah Hotel” and “loot and extract the golden.50 GS.”

In our guide, we explain how to do each of these steps, such as where the Sawah Hotel is in Al Mazrah and how to get into Room 302.

How to Unlock Room 302 in Sawah Hotel DMZ MW2

Where is Sawah Hotel in Al Mazrah DMZ MW2

Let’s get right to the point and talk about how to open Room 302. The first thing you’ll need to know is where the Sawah Hotel in Al Mazrah DMZ is. You have to go to Sawah, the “sunken village.”

This is in the far southwest of the map, which you can see on the map below. When you get there, you’ll see a hotel with blue trim and white walls. Look at the picture below to see what it looks like.

How to Unlock Room 302 in Sawah Hotel DMZ MW2

When you get to the Sawah Hotel, you have to get rid of any possible enemies first. Depending on how dangerous the situation is, you can either go inside the building and use the elevator to get to the top floor, or you can use the ladders on the outside of the building to climb straight to the roof.

Sawah Hotel’s location in Warzone 2 DMZ map.

The door to room 302 can be found on the top floor. But the room is locked and they don’t have a key.

Now comes the difficult part. “Unlock Room 302” is what the task says, but you can’t do that from the outside.

You will have to go back to the roof and enter through the skylight. Each room on the top floor has a roof window, and the one for Room 302 is circled in the picture below.

You can get into the room through the roof, and the next task is to “loot and get the golden.50 GS.” Just take the golden one. 50 GS inside Room 302.

Make sure you get everything else, and then go out the door. Our “Unlock Room 302 in the Sawah Hotel and Steal the Golden.50 DMZ” guide is now finished.

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